Pablo Sandoval Homers, San Francisco Giants Now Over .500

  • The Giants are now over .500; finally. Let’s hope it stays that way…
  • The difference in this game was a three-run homer off the bat of Pablo Sandoval in the first inning. Just more confirmation, in my mind, that his resurgence is legitimate. His performance thus far, along with an inspiring ZiPS projection are reasons to expect a lot from him this year. I project him to be in the realm of 4-5 WAR.
  • Buster Posey had a couple of hits, but he’s starting to worry me. Coming into this game, he had a 5.50 GB/FB (SMALL SAMPLE SIZE), which ranks second-highest in the majors (behind Derek Jeter). He had a couple more groundballs tonight. Obviously, he’ll see some significant natural regression, but having an extremely high GB/FB ratio probably won’t translate to success for Posey, who lacks the speed of more successful groundball-hitters. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
  • Matt Cain had a good outing — though it wasn’t great. Only three strikeouts through six innings — and a game FIP- of 92 (xFIP was higher than 5!). He also returned to his normal self in that he was allowing flyballs at a higher rate in this start. But by all means, a decent outing from him.
  • Can we all shut up about Aaron Rowand‘s “great” April, now? 0 for 5, three strikeouts, and he still has yet to draw a walk. His BABIP coming into this game was .417 — stop being excited about him.
  • Freddy Sanchez continues to look good at the plate. Though it’s a small sample, I really think he’s revamped his approach this year, swinging at fewer pitches, and it seems to have worked. I can’t wait to see how he progresses, but I fully expect another 2+ WAR season from him.
  • Miguel Tejada had a couple of hits in this one. He deserves credit for one undeniable skill of his: his extremely low strikeout rate. Coming into this game, his K% of 4.4% ranked as the third-lowest in the majors.
  • I love playing in Arizona.

That’s all. Also, Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki do not represent the best 1-2 offensive punch in the majors, despite what Steve Berthiaume says. And for Rockies fans out there thinking they’ve got the division locked up, I’ll just put this tweet here:

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