Game Recap: Astros 6, Giants 0

It’s funny — every time I think the Giants have fielded their worst lineup of the season, they manage to go and outdo it (by way of injuries and eternally benching Brandon Belt).

CF Rowand
3B DeRosa
LF Ross
RF Schierholtz
1B Huff
SS Tejada
C Stewart
2B Fontenot
P Vogelsong

There’s not even anything to add. It’s just a pathetic lineup.

Unsurprisingly, Wandy Rodriguez dominated these hitters, going eight scoreless innings with eight strikeouts and two walks. He even contributed with the bat, knocking a two-run single off of Ryan Vogelsong in the sixth inning.

Vogelsong didn’t have his best command — four walks and three strikeouts — but managed to go seven innings with just two earned runs allowed (five runs in total).

Aaron Rowand, who hasn’t drawn a walk in six weeks, was hitless in the leadoff spot, striking out twice. Nate Schierholtz, batting cleanup, was also hitless (three strikeouts). In total, the Giants mustered five hits and failed to get a runner past second base (Aubrey Huff was thrown out at home trying to score from second in the first inning).

Just a sad state this offense is in. But, I mean, it has to get better, right? This was a lineup without Pablo Sandoval or Brandon Belt, not to mention Keppinger, Beltran, Torres, et al. And at least Wandy Rodriguez is a decent pitcher. I have to think this is the absolute low point for this offense, if only because I can’t imagine anything worse. Please tell me it can’t get worse than this.

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One thought on “Game Recap: Astros 6, Giants 0

  1. This my sound strange, but this article actually made me a little optimistic. Real rough times right now for the Giants. Having said that they don’t face Wandy tomorrow or Bud Norris, so they better get a W. If they cant muster that than don’t endure the torture cause this team is dead for the 2011 season. Now I don’t mean don’t watch or listen. Due to many factors this year the 2011 Giants are just a shadow of their Chapmionship selves lately.

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