Splash Hits: Schierholtz, Panik, Cabrera

Eric Surkamp is in the midst of his major-league debut right now, which is pretty awesome. In 142.1 innings at Double-A Richmond this year, he’s posted a 2.02 ERA — backed by a 2.37 FIP. I profiled Surkamp back in July; needless to say, it’ll be exciting to see how he fares tonight. In the meantime, some links…


Giants send Nate Schierholtz to DL with foot injury
A CT scan revealed a hairline fracture, forcing Schierholtz into a walking boot and ultimately, the DL.

Episode 45: Panik! At The Disco | Giantspod
In the forty-fifth episode, Thomas and Danny talk about the Giants’ split with the Padres, the loss to the Astros, the fifth-starter carousel, Beltran’s return, and interview Giants 2011 first-round draft pick shortstop Joe Panik.

The Cabrera Situation ” Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
It’s cool that Cabrera wants to be a contributor and all, but Bochy has to have a better system for determining who bats leadoff than I had for determining who was going to ride shotgun in high school.

Musing on Sergio Romo’s Slider and Platooning – Beyond the Box Score
Friend of the blog Lucas Apostoleris muses about Sergio Romo in his final post for BtB.

Diamondbacks Playoff Odds: Weekly Update – AZ Snake Pit
The Diamondbacks stretched their lead over the Giants by half a game this week. What does this mean, given the dwindling number of contests left?


Vin Scully to Return For 63rd Season of Broadcasting
Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully will return to the broadcast booth for an unprecedented 63nd season in 2012, he announced during this evening’s Dodger telecast. Scully will again call all Dodger home games and select road games.

Q&A with SaberWizard Tom Tango – Beyond the Box Score
An interview with Tom Tango.

Classifying MLB’s Closer Mentalities – Baseball Nation
They say that the key to being a successful Major League closer is to have a closer’s mentality. Here we use photographic evidence to explore just what that means.

Joe Blogs: The Myth of Pressure
The point made by so many: “Players who are not in pennant races can’t have their seasons taken at the same value because they don’t face the same PRESSURE as players who are in pennant races.”

Baseball Prospectus | Baseball ProGUESTus: Do Pitchers Really Trade Speed for Command?
Taking an old piece of baseball advice to task with Sportvision`s new COMMANDf/x system for tracking the catcher`s glove.

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