Game Recap: Mark DeRosa walk-off(!)

Giants 3, Padres 2.

A little belated here, but I’ll be brief…

  • Matt Cain — wow, what a season he’s had. Easily the best of his career. Now, FIP isn’t exactly the best way to measure a guy like Cain (who notoriously defies the laws of BABIP), but check out this improvement:
    Matt Cain FIP (2005-2011)He was pulled after walking James Darnell in the seventh — and Javier Lopez/Guillermo Mota promptly allowed two runs, but I’m not sure it really matters in the grand scheme of things. I’m all in favor of Bruce Bochy easing off the starting pitchers this late in the season.
  • I was wrong about Mark DeRosa. Kind of. I didn’t think he had anything left in that wrist of his, but he’s managed to hit .379/.455/.414 in 33 PAs since returning from the DL (including last night’s walkoff single). Granted, it’s a small sample, and it’s boosted by a rather-lucky .440 batting average on balls in play, but he’s managed to contribute nonetheless; I would not be surprised at all to see him to sign a minor-league contract with the Giants this offseason.
  • A lot of talk about Pablo Sandoval‘s weight gain lately — meanwhile, he extended his hitting streak to eight games with last night’s three-hit effort (during that span, he’s OPSing 1.277). BASG has a nice post on the issue — to sum up my feelings, I’m not too concerned.
  • It’s infuriating that players like Brett Pill and Conor Gillaspie played in this game while Brandon Belt sat on the bench. The organization continues to mishandle him.
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3 thoughts on “Game Recap: Mark DeRosa walk-off(!)

  1. You’re absolutely right about the organization and Belt, Julian. Or dare I say the organization VS Belt! How is the kid ever going to learn (or get confident enough) to play at this level? I’ve been so disappointed with Bochy’s treatment of the young giraffe. Makes me sad. I don’t expect Belt to be some kind of Posey #2, but still, at least he deserves to get a chance to do SOMETHING, the poor guy.

  2. mark derosa has been a special favorite of mine since he played for the tx-rangers hope the wrist holds up. he’s got some more good baseball left.

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