Splash Hits: Carlos Beltran’s chasing too many pitches

After yesterday’s brilliant performance, Madison Bumgarner now has 157 strikeouts in 173.1 innings pitched. All in all, he’s struck out 21.9% of the batters he’s faced, good for the tenth-best strikeout rate in the National League. That, in and of itself is remarkable, but it’s important to remember the context: this is Bumgarner’s age-21 season. He’s the youngest pitcher to post a K rate that high since Clayton Kershaw in 2009. In fact, the last five pitchers to do so: Kershaw, Matt Cain, Rick Ankiel, Kerry Wood, and Dwight Gooden (2). Since 1901, only nine different starters — 21 or younger — have posted a K% greater than Bumgarner’s current mark. Anyway, a few off-day links…

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Splash Hits: Schierholtz, Panik, Cabrera

Eric Surkamp is in the midst of his major-league debut right now, which is pretty awesome. In 142.1 innings at Double-A Richmond this year, he’s posted a 2.02 ERA — backed by a 2.37 FIP. I profiled Surkamp back in July; needless to say, it’ll be exciting to see how he fares tonight. In the meantime, some links…


Giants send Nate Schierholtz to DL with foot injury
A CT scan revealed a hairline fracture, forcing Schierholtz into a walking boot and ultimately, the DL.

Episode 45: Panik! At The Disco | Giantspod
In the forty-fifth episode, Thomas and Danny talk about the Giants’ split with the Padres, the loss to the Astros, the fifth-starter carousel, Beltran’s return, and interview Giants 2011 first-round draft pick shortstop Joe Panik.

The Cabrera Situation ” Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
It’s cool that Cabrera wants to be a contributor and all, but Bochy has to have a better system for determining who bats leadoff than I had for determining who was going to ride shotgun in high school.

Musing on Sergio Romo’s Slider and Platooning – Beyond the Box Score
Friend of the blog Lucas Apostoleris muses about Sergio Romo in his final post for BtB.

Diamondbacks Playoff Odds: Weekly Update – AZ Snake Pit
The Diamondbacks stretched their lead over the Giants by half a game this week. What does this mean, given the dwindling number of contests left?

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Splash Hits: Brian Wilson, Matt Cain, Jerome Williams

Lots of links…


8th INNING WEIRDNESS: Who Has the Better September Offense: Giants or Diamondbacks?
The Giants team wRC+ is 79, while Arizona is at 93. But a closer look at the individual parts that will make up both lineups in the final month of the season reveals that there potentially isn’t much of a gap.

The Giants Will Be Just Fine Without Brian Wilson – Beyond the Box Score
Most important, though, is the reality that a deep bullpen like the one the Giants have can withstand a couple weeks without its closer.

Matt Cain, unluckiest pitcher in history? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Among pitchers with at least 1,000 innings, I went to Baseball-Reference.com and found 10 with an ERA+ of 120 or better and a losing record. Seven of them were relief pitchers: Trevor Hoffman, Bruce Sutter, Lee Smith, Roberto Hernandez, Doug Jones, Mike Jackson and Jeff Reardon.

The NL West Fails in it’s Playoff Audition | August
The Giants played in Philadelphia at the end of July, and in Atlanta this past week. The Diamondbacks played in Philadelphia this past week and in Atlanta this past weekend. Both the Braves and Phillies are going to the playoffs, and whoever wins the division will be hosting the NL West champion in the first round. The results were not pretty for the NL West teams.

Four Pitchers Who Could Get A Jered Weaver-Type Extension – Baseball Nation
The contract extension between the Angels and Jered Weaver took one of the best young starting pitchers off the 2012 free agent market. What other pitchers are in line for a similar deal?

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Splash Hits: Sergio Romo, Brandon Belt, Marc Kroon

Giants Vs. Braves Series Preview: Looking To October – Baseball Nation
The Giants and Braves met in a 2010 Division Series matchup, won by San Francisco. This week, the two teams meet in Atlanta in a series crucial to both teams’ 2011 playoff hopes.

Reliever Platooning: It’s Not Just For Lefties Anymore – Beyond the Box Score
A look at different usage patterns affect two of baseball’s most dominant right-handed set-up men (Sergio Romo and Mike Adams).

Crazy Crabbers | Giants Baseball Blog: Teams You Don’t Want to Face in the Playoffs
The Giants are sort of built to excel in the playoffs.

The Confusing Case of Brandon Belt « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!

It’d be tough to find anyone to agree that he hasn’t been dreadfully mishandled this season. And the Giants can only blame themselves on this one.

Ryan Vogelsong’s command – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
A look at Ryan Vogelsong‘s command.

Special Episode: GiantsPod Meets Marc Kroon | Giantspod
In this special episode, Thomas and Danny voyage to Fresno to interview Grizzlies closer Marc Kroon, talking about his long career, Japanese baseball, life as a father, and a defense of Barry Zito.

Special Episode: GiantsPod Meets Brandon Crawford | Giantspod
In this special episode, Thomas and Danny voyage to Fresno to interview Grizzlies shortstop Brandon Crawford, talking about his upbringing as a Giants fan, his development as a player, and the origin of his nickname.

Splash Hits: Justin Fitzgerald, Carlos Beltran, Aubrey Huff

20th anniversary: SFG 1, LAD 0 (13) on walk-off HBP
A look back at a Giants-Dodgers game from 20 years ago that ended in interesting fashion.

Our Interview With San Francisco Giants Pitching Prospect Justin Fitzgerald | Top Prospect Alert
An interview with Giants pitching prospect Justin Fitzgerald.

On Carlos Beltran – McCovey Chronicles
Is the Carlos Beltran trade already a bust?

Aubrey Huff and the Dead Cat Bounce | FanGraphs Baseball

It appears that Huff is legitimately returning to skills he’s shown many times before, if this eight-game sample can be believed.

Fun With Statistics – Hot Corner – Baseball Nation
Presented without comment.

Splash Hits: Sergio Romo, Jake Dunning, Ron Fairly

Series Preview: Phillie Phun | Croix De Candlestick
Once again, failed to get up a series preview, but Croix de Candlestick has it covered.

Sergio Romo’s streak of 9 perfect innings » Baseball-Reference Blog » Blog Archive
Romo is just…incredible.

When the Giants Come to Town…: Down on the Farm: 7/31/2011
Dr. B actually attended the San Jose Giants game several days ago, and had some interesting notes on Kelvin Marte, Jake Dunning, and Jose Valdez.

Q&A: Ron Fairly on Dodger vs. Giants | FanGraphs Baseball
A fantastic interview with former Dodger Ron Fairly.

The San Francisco Firemen | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at the Giants’ bullpen arms.

10 observations about the Giants’ 1-game winning streak » Bay Area Sports Guy
BASG has some interesting notes on yesterday’s 8-1 Giants win.

Splash Hits: Justin Fitzgerald, Sergio Romo, Ramon Hernandez

Letters to Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
Free Brandon Belt.

Q&A with Justin Fitzgerald « Snow Woulda Had It!
An interview with Giants prospect Justin Fitzgerald.

Surging Sergio | The Hardball Times
Don’t look now, but San Francisco reliever Sergio Romo is putting together an incredible season.

Banter Breakdown: Zack Wheeler, San Jose Giants
He will be missed.

Reds should trade Hernandez to Giants – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
It makes a lot of sense for the Reds to trade Ramon Hernandez.

Dueling retreads highlight Giants’ need – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Some interesting notes from Friday’s Giants/Reds game.

Splash Hits: Giants prospects, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner

San Francisco Giants 2011 Top 20 PRE-SEASON Prospects in Review – Minor League Ball
John Sickels reviews his preseason top 20 Giants prospects.

8th INNING WEIRDNESS: Matt Cain’s Career Year

Steward would have you believe that he has not been as reliable this season. Meanwhile Cain leads the staff in inning pitched, and he’s been excellent at going deep into games.

Bumgarner Boosts His K Rate – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
Pitch f/x analysis of Madison Bumgarner.

Bruce Bochy’s bullpen « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
A nice look at one of the best bullpens in baseball, including an awesome graph of Sergio Romo‘s strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Brian Wilson meets Barack Obama – Angels blog – The Orange County Register
A hilarious piece from Sam Miller of the OCR (h/t McCovey Chronicles)

Felix Hernandez, Evan Longoria on track for MLB Hall of Fame – ESPN
(Insider req’d). Dan Szymborski analyzes the current star players under age 28 who have a chance at making the Hall of Fame: “On the mound, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum both make the cut, with 30 percent chances.

Splash Hits: Ryan Verdugo, Carlos Beltran, Noah Lowry

Episode 37: Kruk, Kuip and Kepp | Giantspod
The GiantsPod guys interviewed Ryan Verdugowho came in at #17 on my Giants prospect rankings.

The Terrible Month at Second is Over « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!

The Giants got an entire month of a platoon that produced a wOBA of .231. In essence, there’s as much difference between that and Keppinger/Fontenot as there is between Keppinger/Fontenot and a borderline hall of famer.

This is why I don’t think the Giants will acquire Carlos Beltran. Sabean has been clear that the premium prospects are untouchable.

Why Are The Diamondbacks Better In 2011? – AZ Snake Pit
The Diamondbacks are on pace to be 21 games better this year than in 2010. Where does that improvement come from? A nice breakdown.

Noah Lowry Interview | Youtube
I stumbled upon this Noah Lowry interview from 2007. I found it exceedingly interesting.

Splash Hits: Kendry Flores, Jake Dunning, Hector Sanchez

2011 Sleeper Alert! List Review, Part One – Minor League Ball
A list of some sleeper prospects. A couple Giants prospects — Kendry Flores and Jake Dunning — show up here.

What’s Right With Madison Bumgarner? – Baseball Nation
A look at San Francisco Giants left-hander Madison Bumgarner.

Prospect of the Day: Hector Sanchez, C, San Francisco Giants – Minor League Ball
A nice profile on recent Giants call-up Hector Sanchez.

Zito Throws a Curve – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
Pitch f/x analysis of Barry Zito‘s disaster start from the other day.

Crazy Crabbers: Concussions are a Joking Matter to @MLB
Watch a Giants catcher get positively smashed in the head and go down for the count on a backswing…

Another Giants-Rangers World Series? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
There has not been a World Series rematch since the Yankees beat the Dodgers in 1977 and 1978, but a TEX-SF World Series rematch seems like a possibility.