Giants to Sign Gary Brown for $1.3 Million

He batted .438 with 32 SB in 50 games this year.

The Giants have agreed to sign CF Gary Brown – who was selected 24th overall in the 2010 MLB draft – for $1.3 million.

According to scouting reports, his hitting style is unorthodox and not his best facet. He doesn’t have much power, but has more than would be expected. He has improved his fielding, and has the potential to be a good baserunner. His great strength is his speed. He is very fast.

His hitting will be the big question going forward – will he be able to adjust to professional pitching?

Here’s his scouting report:

Power – 53
Batting – 66
Speed – 98
Contact – 80
Patience – 30

He doesn’t have too many home runs, but he had 20 doubles in 50 games in 2010, so his power is not non-existent. I’ll wait and see how he does in the minors before making any assumptions about how good he’ll be.


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