Game Recap: Pirates 5, Giants 0

Well, that was just awful. Right when I thought the Giants could stop the bleeding — entering a home series against a team in the midst of ten-game losing streak, they score zero runs.

  • Charlie Morton — who in all fairness, is having a perfectly respectable season (but is assuredly not an elite starter) — joins the likes of Sean West, Tom Gorzelanny (2), and Eric Stults as starters to throw 8+ scoreless innings in a game against the Giants over the last five years. It’s now happened 35 times.
  • The offense had six hits total, and Nate Schierholtz had three of him. Nice to see Nate have a good game, I guess.
  • I’ve been waiting for months for Ryan Vogelsong to implode — just have one disaster start, but well…I guess this was it? It’s the first time he’s allowed five earned runs in start since May 3rd, but it wasn’t all that bad of an outing…eight strikeouts in 5 innings, and he actually kept the walks down too (just two of ’em).
  • Orlando Cabrera drew his first walk as a Giant.
  • The Giants pulled a 4-6-2 double play in the ninth, which was actually pretty cool.
Anyway, yeah, this offense is still very awful. When Orlando Cabrera, Aaron Rowand, and Eli Whiteside are the three guys that come up the plate to get the ninth inning going, there’s an obvious problem. When Brandon Belt was first optioned down to Triple-A, I thought …well, at least he’ll get consistent playing time. I’ve now come to believe, however, that he has nothing to gain from yet another stint at Triple-A. I think it might actually be better for his development if he were to face major-league pitching a few times a week as a guy off the bench — and it’d certainly be better for the Giants’ offense that way. I also have little confidence that Mark DeRosa can hit the ball with any authority whatsoever. When Miguel Tejada inevitably returns, who’s the one to go? It has to be DeRosa, right?

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