Monday Musings: Sandoval, Beltran, Cabrera

A few notes and other musings for this Monday morning…

  • The Giants’ trade acquisitions — Jeff Keppinger, Orlando Cabrera, and Carlos Beltran — have not been drawing walks since coming over. The three have combined for just four walks in 146 plate appearances (a 2.7% walk rate). With Keppinger and Cabrera, it’s not terribly surprising, considering that they own career walk rates of 7.1% and 6.3% respectively and hadn’t been walking much with their previous teams. With Carlos Beltran, however (one walk in a small 46-PA sample size), has a career walk rate north of 10%, and he had posted a clip of 14.3% with the Mets this season.
  • Pablo Sandoval‘s resurgent 2011 season is not something to be taken for granted. He’s bounced back in two ways: First, from his disappointing 2010 season (though he was essentially a league-average third baseman, which is inherently valuable); and secondly, he’s recovered quite well post-hamate fracture, in spite of the fact that hitters who sustain that type of injury notoriously lose power for months after recovering. Sandoval, however, has hit 23 extra-base hits in 196 at-bats since returning from the disabled list — good for a .194 ISO, so the power’s still there (for the most part). He’s in great physical shape, has been stellar with the glove at third base, and has ultimately been quite a force at the plate. Remember at the end of last season, when people were writing things like this?:

Pablo Sandoval simply can’t be counted on at this point, so it’s not absurd to see the Giants going with a left-side tag team of Uribe and Tejada, with a little Mark DeRosa and Manny Burriss on the side.

  • Starting up an experimental blog mailbag — if any of you guys have any questions you’d like to see answered (mainly regarding the San Francisco Giants), you can send them in to GiantsNirvana[at] and I’ll do my best to get to them. I don’t imagine it’ll be a regular feature, but feel free to shoot me an email whenever (with “mailbag” in the subject line).
  • Former Giant Jerome Williams, now 29 years old, has made eight starts with the Angels’ Triple-A affiliate this year, posting a 4.21 ERA/4.26 FIP. John Shea writes in the Chronicle that there “was talk of Williams as a dark-horse candidate to replace struggling Joel Piñeiro.”

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