Game Recap: Ryan Vogelsong blames himself

Giants lose to the Diamondbacks 4-1

An eighth-inning collapse.

Two years and one day ago, the Giants were facing the Phillies on the road. It was Tim Lincecum v. Pedro Martinez, and the first batter of the game for the Giants, Eugenio Velez, hit a leadoff home run to get the run-scoring started. Except, the Giants didn’t score any more runs the rest of that game. Lincecum pitched well — seven innings, two runs, eleven strikeouts, just one walk — but it wasn’t good enough because the Giants just couldn’t score.

Today, something similar happened (though it was a home game). Cody Ross, the first batter of the game for the Giants, hit a solo shot to give the Giants a 1-0 lead. But they didn’t score again, the rest of the game. They had a couple opportunities, but squandered them: Pablo Sandoval flied out with Carlos Beltran on third base to end the sixth inning; and though Andres Torres was on second with nobody out in the seventh, the Giants couldn’t get him in.

And so another excellent outing was wasted — and it really was quite the outing from Ryan Vogelsong. Through the first seven innings, he allowed just three hits, and not once did the Diamondbacks reach second base. Then it all kind of fell apart in the eighth inning. Vogelsong missed a spot, and gave up a solo shot to Ryan Roberts. And the Giants ended up giving up four runs in total in the eighth, and that was that. A 4-1 loss, and moreover, a series loss that puts the Giants seven games back in the NL West.

A couple nights ago, there was a glimmer of hope for this team. They were five games back, but if they could just manage to win their next two, they would have pulled off a sweep against the DBacks, and would be looking at a three-game deficit (with 22 games left). That’s all gone now though.

The worst part — though I’m not surprised: Vogelsong blamed himself for not finishing the job.



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