Splash Hits: free Brandon Belt

Breakfast links…

What should the Giants do now? Play the kids, discuss Huff, take it easy on Lincecum, Cain and Bumgarner | Talking Points
So what should the Giants do in the final five weeks, other than reflect on the magic moments of the 2010 World Series and collect all the money from what I assume will be 9 more home sellouts?

Fall in Love with Brandon Belt All Over Again | NotGraphs Baseball
You can tell Brandon Belt is a gentleman because he wears his Giants jersey over a collared Van Heusen. You can tell he’s America’s sweetheart because of his loving ways with a baby giraffe …

On The Decline Of Athletes – Baseball Nation
An article about Miguel Tejada and being hyper-critical of bad players.

Another Scouting Primer: How to Scout Pitchers – Beyond the Box Score
A primer on everything that a scout looks at when evaluating a pitcher.

Lincecum’s Ups and Downs – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants pitched a strange game on Saturday night, Sept 3, 2011.


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