Splash Hits: WAR, Brian Sabean, Madison Bumgarner

Mystery solved. The Giants have called up Justin Christian, and he’s starting in CF/leading off for the Giants tonight. At first base, Brett Pill gets the start.

In the meantime, some links, because there’s a lot of link-worthy stuff out there today…

The Limits Of War or Ben Zobrist Isn’t Really A Superstar? – Baseball Nation
In a hard-hitting piece of journalism, an anonymous blogger has blown the lid off Wins Above Replacement, which apparently isn’t the perfect metric in all cases for every situation.

What WAR is… what WAR is not | THE BOOK–Playing The Percentages In Baseball
WAR is a solid framework, logically constructed, and flexible enough that every single person out there can have his own personal WAR implementation.

Can Brian Sabean build an offense? « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
Does Brian Sabean know what makes an offense tick?

Madison Bumgarner Beats His Projections | FanGraphs Baseball
It’s safe to say that he outdid those conservative numbers this year. Was this more about improvement or consolidation of talent?

A notable Giants fan has vanished | HardballTalk
Gwen Knapp has a troubling story in the Chronicle today. A Giants fan named Billy Chamberlain who has been a fixture outside of the team’s clubhouse for five years has vanished.

Pablo Sandoval Snaps – Hot Corner – Baseball Nation
Pablo Sandoval was a nice kid, but now he’s insane. It happens. Courtesy of Chad Moriyama, we have a .gif of Pablo Sandoval losing his mind after the jump.

Special Episode: GiantsPod Meets Eric Surkamp | Giantspod
In this special episode, Thomas and Danny talk with Giants rookie pitcher Eric Surkamp, about his major league debut, upbringing as the Cincinnati Sorcerer, and potential animal hats for fans to wear in his honor.


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