Sergio Romo’s Remarkable 2011 Season

A brief bullet-point list to admire the remarkable season that Sergio Romo has put together… (note: I’m arbitrarily setting a 30-IP cutoff for most of these stats)


6 thoughts on “Sergio Romo’s Remarkable 2011 Season

  1. Romo has been terrific. Why are they not using him more, especially the way Mota and Casilla have been stinking it up during their last outings. I don’t think Romo was called in to pitch during the weekend series with the Dodgers. He should have been called in to pitch the ninth inning on Friday with the score tied at one.

  2. Yeah, he is such an under-appreciated player. Can’t even find a t-shirt in the dugout store with his name on it. I finally ordered a custom shirt from MLB. Somebody share this! He is an amazing reliever and there have been plenty of games where I wished Bochy would let Romo close!

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