Game Recap: Eight Runs. Again.


5 thoughts on “Game Recap: Eight Runs. Again.

  1. I like Beltran, only because they need to change something with this offense. If they bring back Ross, they likely wouldn’t bring back Beltran– so even if Ross could hit at his career mark, there’s a lot more needed to fix this offense. If Beltran can stay healthy, I think he’s the first piece.

  2. Surkamp had big strikeout rates in the minors. He looks tentative with the curveball. If he ever gets his confidence in the bender at this level, I think he can move up to a #3.

    Easy question on Ross vs Beltran. Beltran!

  3. Even though he is injury prone i like the middle of the line up of Posey, Beltran, Sandoval, Huff then Belt can bat 7th, or flip Huff/Belt whatever. I think they can afford to carry Crawford and bat him 8th.
    Also, if i counted right don’t the Giants lead the season series with the Padres 10-6? and didn’t you have a bet with a Padres blogger when you were at Splashing Pumpkins?

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