Splash Hits: Eliminated-from-Playoff-Contention Edition

Sunday afternoon links…

Giants/NL West

Tim Lincecum’s Contract Thoughts Are What A GM Should Want To Hear – Baseball Nation
Tim Lincecum noted that he’d prefer to take things year to year rather than sign a long-term contract. That should be music to a general manager’s ears.

The 2011 Backes « Bay City Ball | Giants Baseball with a Side of STATS!
The question that I can’t help but think of in such a situation is this: who are the four worst pitchers to beat the Giants this year? I call it the Backe awards.

This Week in Mismanagement — The ‘Break Out the Belt’ Edition | Getting Blanked | Blogs | theScore.com
Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy is often lauded as one of the best managers in baseball, but the truth is, he seems to make more questionable calls than most of his contemporaries. Case in point: his use of rookie Brandon Belt.

15,000 days since a rare Marichal feat
15,000 days ago, Giants ace Juan Marichal achieved a notable milestone, winning his 200th game.

Kershaw and his evolving slider – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
Check out the evolution of the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw from a fastball/curveball pitcher to a fastball/slider pitcher.

Golden Gloves For The Arizona Outfield? – AZ Snake Pit
By UZR, Arizona has the three best outfielders in the league.


Report: MLB likely to add Wild Card, implement one-game playoff | HardballTalk
The MLB playoff system is about to get an overhaul.

The myth and reality of ‘valuable’ – Los Angeles Dodger Thoughts Blog – ESPN Los Angeles
The idea that an MVP must come from a contending team is completely invented. It is not part of the rules of the award nor its roots.

The Next Moneyball: Seven Movies That Hollywood Should Consider – Baseball Nation
What other teams should get the “Moneyball” treatment?

Bud Selig threatens to terminate Dodgers from MLB if Frank McCourt does not sell | HardballTalk
The only thing that can save current Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is a high-dollar and stable new television contract — one that will bring financial security to a club buried in bankruptcy court.

MLB, MLBPA To Bring “All-Star Team” to Taiwan in November
Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today announced that a team of Major Leaguers will travel to Taiwan this November to play against the Chinese Taipei national team in the 2011 Taiwan All-Star Series.


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