Game Recap: Ryan Vogelsong ends his season on a strong note

Giants 3, Rockies 1.
Record: 85-75

  • It’s been quite a season for Ryan Vogelsong, and he ended on a strong note tonight: seven scoreless innings, with four strikeouts and zero walks. It’s actually the first walk-less start he’s had since April. A nice end to a great year for him.
  • The Giants set a new franchise single-season record for attendance.
  • A while back, I noted that Sergio Romo was on pace to do something incredibly rare: he could become the only pitcher ever (with a significant workload) to post a BB/9 of less than 1 and a K/9 greater than 10. After today’s inning (3 K, 0 BB), it’s looking like there’s a very good chance he accomplishes this.
  • Mike Fontenot‘s quietly had a very nice season, posting 1.0 fWAR over 243 PA. He’s arb-eligible for one last time in 2012, and it’s in the Giants’ best interest to tender him a contract. He’s a great complement to RHH Freddy Sanchez.
  • There’s talk of making AT&T Park more hitter-friendly. Gut reaction: that’s absolutely ridiculous. This is the most beautiful park in baseball, and there’s no need for alterations. To do so is to completely ignore the fact that the Giants hitters couldn’t hit this season, and that the park has little to do with that. Check out the park factors, via StatCorner. It basically plays neutral (wOBA) for LHBs and RHBs.

5 thoughts on “Game Recap: Ryan Vogelsong ends his season on a strong note

  1. Vogelsong can’t win CPY, but Panda sure could.

    As far as HRs at PacBell – Soriano, Uggla, Pence didn’t have any trouble. Right handed pull hitters do have an advantage, for sure. Lets go find one of those guys for our team.

  2. I hate the idea of moving in the walls. First of all, the field actually plays close to neutral. Secondly, I like a park where a HR really means something. Petco? Now THAT is ridiculous!

    I think during the, ahem, 90’s, power hitters got away from pulling the ball. I’d love to see what a true pull hitter like Darrel Evans(remember him?) would do in AT&T.

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