Game Recap: Madison Bumgarner.

Giants 7, Rockies 0.

Madison Bumgarner went seven scoreless innings tonight, striking out nine, while walking none. That brings his overall K/BB on the season to 4.15. In the past, I’ve looked at the historical implications of his season given his age. But even without taking into account the fact this is his age-21 season, he’s been amazing.

How many San Francisco Giants, in history, have posted a K/BB above 4.00 in a single season?

Four. Three hall-of-famers, and a former Cy Young runner-up. Well, now it’s five, as Bumgarner joins them.

He has quite a future ahead of him.

Tonight was all about the future, too (especially with the news regarding possible extensions for Sabean and Bochy). As the Giants play these final games, the focus has shifted in that direction. And the young players that represent the future — Bumgarner, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, (Conor Gillaspie) — provided reasons for optimism.

  • Belt went three for three with a walk and a splash hit.
  • Crawford collected a couple hits and a walk
  • And Gillaspie hit his first career home run (an inside-the-parker).
This is exactly what I like to see at the end of a season like this.

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