Game Recap: Giants finish season 86-76

Rockies 6, Giants 3.

It’s been a disappointing season. It’s had its ups and downs, but moreso the latter — thanks in most part to an absolutely atrocious offense. It sucks that the Giants couldn’t win the final game of the season, but it’s ultimately inconsequential.

Eric Surkamp made his sixth start, and did nothing to make me think more highly of him. It’s a small sample size — these six starts. Maybe he needs time to adjust to the big leagues. I maintain, for example, that he’s a pitcher with — at the very least — above-average control, and that this will manifest itself sooner or later. But the fact remains: he hasn’t impressed, and I’m inclined to believe Keith Law — that Surkamp isn’t much more than a fifth starter.

The lineup, a typically unconventional game-162 lineup, was one of the worst the Giants have thrown out all season…again, not that it matters. Though even with an LHP on the mound, I would have liked to see Brandon Belt and Andres Torres starting.

Oh well.

There’s a lot of speculation that this is Pat Burrell‘s final career game. This has yet to be determined, of course, but if it is, man — what a fantastic stint he’s had with the Giants. Think about how much he’s cost them: they paid him the league minimum for a few months in 2010, and signed him to a $1MM deal for 2011. During that time, he’s posted 3.3 fWAR — an estimated value of $13MM+. Not bad.

Sergio Romo ended his season well, adding another 0.2 innings of scoreless work. Few relievers in the history of baseball have had a season this incredible…

Sergio Romo ended the year with 1.50 ERA, 65 G, 48 IP, 29 H, 5 BB and 70 SO. Yep, SEVENTY strikeouts. FIVE walks.Wed Sep 28 22:05:54 via web


Be sure to check out Bay Area Sports Guy’s interview with Sergio Romo today about his status as kind of a cult hero on Twitter and the blogs.

Last but not least, just want to thank all of those who read this blog! It’s been an enjoyable season, and hopefully next year sees better results for the Giants.


5 thoughts on “Game Recap: Giants finish season 86-76

  1. And this record surprised who? Well, the Giants fans expected better, but any real baseball fan knew they would fold. Pure luck, and maybe in 60 more years the Giants will win another.

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