Splash Hits: Giants hold end-of-season press conference

I’m a little pressed for time, so I can’t get out a full post; which is a shame, because today was quite a busy day — the Giants held a press conference in which Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean discussed many important news items relating to the organization. In any event, there’s no need for me to really write much about it…BASG and McC have it covered.


Giants/NL West

Matt Cain, Destroyer of DIPS | FanGraphs Baseball
Owner of a career .265 BABIP in over 1300 career innings, Matt Cain breaks this rule.

San Francisco Giants 2011-12 Offseason | MLB Depth Charts
A useful preview of the Giants’ offseason — including organizational depth chart.

15 takeaways from the Brian Sabean (and Bruce Bochy) press conference » Bay Area Sports Guy
BASG with a recap of today’s press conference.

On the season-end press conference … – McCovey Chronicles
Grant looks at what Sabean and Bochy said about the Giants today.

Rod Barajas Is Here to Help | NotGraphs Baseball
Must-see GIF: Rod Barajas…cradling Dee Gordon.

Jarrod Parker’s MLB Debut – Baseball Analytics Blog – MLB Baseball Analytics
Jarrod Parker might not pitch in October for the D-Backs, but he showed why he’s a strong Rookie of the Year candidate in 2012 against the Dodgers on Tuesday.


Joe Blogs: Baseball Night in America
Joe Posnanski on the most amazing night of regular-season baseball in…the history of the game?

THT’s top 100 prospects, part 1
The Hardball Times’ top 100 prospects. Giants prospects on the list include Joe Panik, Tommy Joseph, and Gary Brown. Here’s part two, three, and four.

Who Should You Root for in the Playoffs? – Beyond the Box Score
Did your favorite MLB team miss the playoffs? Use this formula to figure out who you should root for this October.


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