Matt Cain is not going anywhere

Via Joel Sherman:

For those on the Matt Cain bandwagon, I heard the Giants have made it so clear they are not trading him that the Yankees have not asked about the righty in “years.”

h/t TYA

It’s pretty evident, at this point, that the Giants intend to sign Matt Cain to an extension. It seems, in fact, as though it’s their top offseason priority, and I expect they’ll get a deal done in the near future. I looked at the prospect of a Cain extension a week ago.


20 thoughts on “Matt Cain is not going anywhere

  1. I know it will take HUGE!!!!! balls to do this but i would 100% trade Tim right now and not trade Cain… You will make your team better in the long run…. But do it NOW!!!!

    • Huge balls? Nuh uh, more like marble sized brain. But wait, why not trade both of them? Cain and Lincecum for Crawford and Lackey!

      ………….jeez dude, put down the meth pipe before you post comments online.

    • I agree Marin415. There is no greater time than to trade Timmy when his value is sky-high. Watch, the Giants will hang on to him and in 5 years, he’ll be battling serious arm problems and it’ll be another event in this franchise’s history where they F’d up. Fire Sabean & Bochy STAT.

    • I agree Marin415. There is no greater time than to trade Timmy when his value is sky-high. Watch, the Giants will hang on to him and in 5 years, he’ll be battling serious arm problems and it’ll be another event in this franchise’s history where they F’d up. Fire Sabean & Bochy STAT.

  2. @Marin 415
    This is obviously a Yankee or Philly fan hoping to get a bandwagon going so his team can benefit from Timmy’s brilliance.

  3. Tim Lincecum cannot be traded until 2013 so he is not going anywhere, but mark my word, Timothy is done with the Giants!!! Seattle and Safeco Field, here we come honey!!!

    • Yeah right. Maybe he leaves SF, with the lack of hitting on this team I get that. But Seattle? Go play for one of the true joke franchises in baseball? uh, no. Might as well play slow pitch softball and miniature golf.

    • Ha! every sports team in that city is a stinking pile! look at the seahawks who have been to one bowl and got their tails whupped or maybe the super sonics aka who sucked up until they moved to OK and lets not get started on the over hyped never deliver mariners. hell you only say seattle because i bet you know he’s from WA trust me, he isn’t going anywhere one crappy season doesnt mean he’s going to up and leave. remember he’s already won two cy youngs under dave raghetti and a world series ring. he might leave but it wouldnt be until he had his best years with the orange and black!

  4. Brian needs to get some offense for the pitchers to start winning ball games. up the ;middle ss, cf, and catching which posey will not present a problem, need to trade huff, whithead, for a decent ss especially cabera of cleveland, and get brian roberts and inge of the tigers, the problem of the giants they get 2 men on base and no outs and can’t advance the runners especially when it is 2 outs. pitching is fine, don’t need 6 relievers, but more hitters, thad

  5. We need a top notch CF,or for Beltran to play LF,
    Cain ,Tim ,and Volgs are a must,
    De la Rosa ,at a cheaper price,2million,
    or we can go with what we have,
    Huff,will do better or benched,same with Torres,
    Belt,is 4th OF with Torres,
    we shold wim about 15 more games next year.

  6. I agree, Matt Cain is more valuable than Timmy. Matt has the right emotion, size, athleticism, and durability to be a star pitcher for 10 years.

    But don’t sell Timmy short. Giants should do whatever it takes to keep them both. The Giants should be able to support a payroll in the $145M to $165M range, putting them in the salary ballpark of LA Angels and Boston Red Sox. Giants have a great ballpark that with a good team will sellout 81 games every year. They have a much improved radio and TV contract. They have great merchandising opportunities with Panda hats, beards, Timmy shirts, Giraffe stuff, etc.

    If the owners have the guts to put the payroll in that range, you can keep the all-star pitching staff, get some hitting, and fill the seats at ATT for the next 10 years. The owners will end up with a much more valuable team, and still turn a profit every year.

  7. Cain is a keeper. But he also benefits in the #2 slot. Timmy is always facing headwinds, like Kershaw.

    Definitely agree that any deal to keep Beltran should shift him to LF. Mid season shift no; with spring training an eminently reasonable part of any resigning deal. Nate has earned and owned RF.

    Make sure whoever the Giants decide on at CF, SS and 2B can run and play small ball. Left the other positions pose the power threats. The Giants need an effective way to unnerve the opposition and battle in close games.

    • Are for real? How does hitting .273 with an OBP of .319 with an average of 6.8 HRs per 162 games “earn” you anything except a trip to back to AAA ball? Right field is a power position, if a player can’t hit 20 HRs he needs to bring something special to bear, or play for a team that doesn’t need the power. Shierholtz is just a regular no-power player on a team in dire need of power. I’m not saying dump the guy, but he couldn’t even make the big league squad on any good team.

  8. What makes either loosing Beltran or moving him to LF the right move is defense, specifically Nate’s speed & arm. Remember those long pegs to 3rd & to home in ’09 & pre-Carlos in 2010? Then flashback on Carlos’ little whimpy tosses that barely got back to 2nd. Personally I don’t think Carlos has enough left in his tank to bother signing him.

  9. Tanned Tom, in Yankee Stadium RF is a place you can safely stick a power hitter, not so in AT&T. You need to model your team after their home park where they play half of their games. In AT&T you need your best defense in RF.

  10. I’m a yankee fan who doesn’t want to see Lincecum’s brilliance wasted in San Francisco.So yes, I want him out of SF too.

    You guys speak with such disdain of Timmy that you don’t deserve to have him anymore.

    A rotation of Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Sanchez and “whoever” can do the job for you.

    Let Lincecum go.

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