Splash Hits: World Series Edition


The Platoon Advantage: An Interview with Ralph Branca
Bill over at TPA had a fantastic interview with the pitcher who served up Bobby Thomson’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World.

GM Potential: Minor League Free Agent Target: Mike O’Connor
Mike O’Connor could be an interesting target for the Giants this offseason.

Sergio Romo? More Like: Strikeouts Relievo | FanGraphs Baseball
I’ve raved a lot about Sergio Romo‘s remarkable season…more confirmation of his awesomeness: his 25 FIP- ranks fourth best of ALL TIME.

2011 San Francisco Giants Top 15 Prospect Post Season Report
A report from Top Prospect Alert on how the Giants’ top 15 prospects fared in 2011.

When the Giants Come to Town…: Down on the Farm: BA’s Giants Draft Report Card
Highlights from Baseball America’s draft report card.

And Your Most Fashionable Major League Ballplayer is… – Old Time Family Baseball
More Sergio Romo dominance.

2012 Top 100 Prospects, #76: Gary Brown – Seedlings to Stars
A prospect profile on Gary Brown.


Critical Review: Which World Series Team Has Winning Traits? – Baseball Nation
Jeff Sullivan with a humorous take-down of an incredibly-stupid article in the New York Times.

Anatomy of a Baseball Trade – Businessweek
An inside look at how a trade goes down.

Joe Blogs: A Postseason Record
Joe Posnanski points out the problem with citing postseason numbers.

The 20 greatest World Series events | Baseball: Past and Present
The Catch comes in at #6.

Is Pujols the greatest hitter of all time? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
The poll, at the moment, has Pujols at 22% (Barry Bonds is at 13%).

Home Runs Per Hits Over Time – Beyond the Box Score
Home Runs Per Hits Over Time (it was going up, but then…)


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