Splash Hits: Prospect Ranking Season Begins…

San Francisco Giants 2012 Top 15 Prospects
San Francisco Giants 2012 Top 15 Prospects by the Bullpen Banter staff.

2011 Beyond the Box Score Catcher Defense Ratings: Year-End Edition – Beyond the Box Score
End-of-season catcher defense ratings for 2011.

The Platoon Advantage: Arrogance and uncertainty
Margins of error and uncertainty matter.

The Flagrant Fan: Did All Three Alou Brothers Really Start the Same Game?
Did Felipe, Matty, and Jesus Alou ever start the same game?

2011 MLB Draft Values By Team – MLB Bonus Baby
2011 MLB Draft Values by team – Giants at $13.78MM

Matty Alou career highlights
A look back at the biggest moments of Matty Alou’s career.

5 Questions with San Francisco Giants’ Expert Grant Brisbee – MLB Daily Dish
MLBDD asks 5 Questions of Baseball Nation writer and McCovey Chronicles’ Manager Grant Brisbee about the Giants, Buster Posey, and the management of Brandon Belt, among other topics.


One thought on “Splash Hits: Prospect Ranking Season Begins…

  1. I don’t always agree with Grant, in fact, I disagree with him a lot, but I thought those were mostly pretty good answers to the questions. I thought Brandon Belt showed growth as the season went along. I think the broken wrist bone was a bigger setback than the Fresno shuttle, and that was hardly the Giants fault. I’d like to see him given the LF job out of spring training, but I don’t think he would be harmed be more seasoning in the minors.

    As much as he struggled at the plate, he still managed to hit 9 HR’s in just under 200 AB. My mean projection for him(using the ol’ eyeball formula) has a .240 BA with 25 HR’s. Short of signing Beltran and putting him in LF, the Giants would be hard pressed to top that production from any FA they signed, and Belt comes essentially free!

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