Adam Foster on Joe Panik’s approach

In case you missed it, today was the AFL Rising Stars game, and Joe Panik — playing second base — got a couple ABs (0 for 2, 1 K).

Adam Foster of Project Prospect posted some scouting notes afterwards, wherein he raved about Panik:

I really liked Joe Panik’s approach. He looks like he’s ready to do damage to pitches and he doesn’t expand the zone. If the Giants start him in High-A next year, he could make a push for a Double-A promotion come midseason and maybe even a September call-up. He has a chance to quickly reach the bigs as an up-the-middle defender who makes a lot of contact and has some power.

A while back, Prospect Insider wrote about Panik and his approach, and wasn’t too impressed: in particular, they said that he doesn’t get enough leverage/loft on his swing, and that they had expected to see better plate discipline/mechanics. That was pretty much the extent I’d read about Panik’s plate approach as a member of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, so it’s nice to finally hear such positive things about Panik. I’m still working on ranking the Giants’ prospects (I’ve done a lot of shifting around with specific prospects), but I’m pretty sold on Panik — I think he’s definitely one of the Giants’ top three (or perhaps even two) prospects.


One thought on “Adam Foster on Joe Panik’s approach

  1. I think it’s possible that the Northwest League was just too easy for Panik. I mean, if you can hit .341 by swinging at the first hittable pitch, why in the world would you wait for another one? It’s kind of like Yogi Berra, “I hit the bad pitches so good, I didn’t see why I should wait for a good one!” Even then, Panik drew 28 BB’s in about 300 PA’s which isn’t terrible. It was his first professional experience, for crying out loud!

    Looking forward to next year’s San Jose team, Panik, Ricky Oropesa at 1B, Susac behind the plate, Duvall at 3B. That should be some kind of offense!

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