Giants Acquire Melky Cabrera in Exchange for Jonathan Sanchez, Ryan Verdugo

More info to come…

Update: Sanchez, 28, is up for his third year of arbitration elibility (and final year of team control), and would have made something like $5-6MM through the process. Cabrera, 27, is up for his fourth year of arbitration elibility (he’s a Super Two), and could earn as much as $4MM this offseason.

Ryan Verdugo, who just barely missed the cut in my Giants prospect rankings, was converted to a starter this year — and had moderate success in the role (4.35 ERA, 4.31 FIP), but frankly, his control is not very good (he walks a hitter every other inning).

Initial reaction: not a fantastic return, but this is honestly more than I’d expected to get in exchange for Sanchez. Cabrera isn’t a very good player (and most certainly won’t repeat what he did this year), but he’s something; on a similar note though, he’s not really a capable defensive centerfielder.

Anyway, this is pretty interesting. Brian Sabean had never made a trade in November, prior to this.


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