MLB Players and Owners Could Soon Reach Agreement on New Labor Deal

Players and owners are close to finalizing a new labor deal that would bring significant changes to MLB, particularly when it comes to the draft. The deal is expected to have “significant restraints” on draft spending, as well as significant changes to the current system of draft pick compensation. The general reaction is not positive, and for good reason.

In other news…


5 thoughts on “MLB Players and Owners Could Soon Reach Agreement on New Labor Deal

  1. What is your prediction on Clint Barmes years/salary? I’ve come to the same conclusion, and I think Sabean will overpay to do it – 2/12. Overpay on one hand, but platoon/caddy for Crawford and Freddy Sanchez insurance with very well rated defense might be a good call. I doubt Freddy will play more than 110 if we’re lucky. Barmes is the “prize” once Reyes, Rollins and Furcal are gone, and all the utility guys are falling fast putting pressure from the bottom market. I think Sabean will do something sooner than later.

    The good thing is he has some right handed pop, and is familiar with the NL West. The bad news is he has bad platoon splits (mashes lefties) and even worse splits away from Coors and MinuteMaid. Still, the WAR he has put up in the last 3 years is very similar to Rollins, although more dWar driven. But if Jimmy’s offense and speed dips, Barmes might be the big bargain.

    • 2/12 sounds about right, for better or for worse. I wish the Giants would make a strong run at Furcal, who’s basically a much cheaper version of Jimmy Rollins.

      • I live in LA now and have seen a few too many Doyer games the past 3 years. Furcal has lost a step and he is beyond fragile. In this market he may get 2/18 or something even crazier. He had a good postseason, but Furcal is Renteria 2.0 waiting to happen. I’d rather they just pay the extra for Rollins at that point.

      • Furcal WAR last 3 years (FG): 8.4 (334 games) WAR (BR): 7.4
        Rollins WAR last 3 years (FG): 9.3 (385 games) WAR (BR): 6.7
        Barmes WAR last 3 years (FG): 5.4 (410 games) WAR (BR): 6.2

        Clearly BR has something against Rollins. For whatever reason, BR may overvalue Barmes dWAR, as its a big component to his overall.

        I saw that article before, it doesn’t really say much beyond the obvious that teams are going to bid more years and money for Rollins. The fact is Furcal almost retired this year, and has lost a step getting down the line as well as covering the field. Of the “big 3” he has had the most games missed. All of them are obviously injury risks to some degree. But glossing over his injury history would be a big mistake.

        Furcal is 34 next year, Rollins and Barmes will be 33. They are all almost a lock to regress. I would take that article’s argument one step further and go for Barmes over Furcal and take the savings, because of the injury concern (naturally assigning a batboy to hide all packages of deer meat from Clint). Throw in the fact Clint will willingly play 2B which Rollins/Furcal most likely won’t, I like him more. I doubt Furcal breaks 90 games next year.

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