Giants interested in Grady Sizemore

Hot stove season is…heating up. According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, the Giants are among several teams interested in Grady Sizemore:

Grady Sizemore’s market is expanding rapidly. Add the #Rangers, #Cubs, #SFGiants & #Yankees to the list of teams with interest

Several weeks back, I looked at Grady Sizemore as a free agent target, concluding that he’s a solid medium-risk/high-reward guy:

In any event, the Giants should definitely consider targeting Sizemore on a reasonably-priced one-year deal. They could capitalize on the recent injury-warped portion of his career, taking a gamble on his ability to stay healthy. This is exactly the kind of move that could pay huge dividends for the Giants (if all goes well), while keeping within payroll restrictions. More often than not, these deals don’t reap big rewards. But it’s certainly worth a shot in this case.

I’m no longer as sold on the idea, though. The Giants have limited funds, and I don’t know that Sizemore represents a wise allocation of said funds. Sizemore could go for something in the range of $6-8MM (with incentives), and that’s a lot of money for a guy with a recent history of injuries and poor performance. As Lookout Landing noted a couple weeks ago, Sizemore’s contact rate has dropped in the past couple years. It’s not just a matter of whether he can stay healthy — it’s a matter of whether he can stay healthy and recapture the Sizemore of a few years ago — the one that was a very productive hitter.

Anyway, I doubt the Giants actually will end up signing Sizemore. He’s generating a lot of interest, and it doesn’t seem like the Giants would be willing (and/or able) to spend a lot of money on a guy like Sizemore.


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