Jon Heyman: Giants eyeing shortstops, first basemen, outfielders

According to Jon Heyman, there’s no belief that San Francisco will pursue Jose Reyes or Jimmy Rollins. They are, however, focused on the market for shortstop, first base, and outfield:

No belief #sfgiants will make play for reyes or rollins. They are eyeing ss as well as 1b and OF. but pitching still the focus

We’ve heard this again and again: the Giants, due to budgetary constraints, are not in on Reyes or Rollins. They’ve really embraced the pitching-first philosophy (although it’s almost like a pitching-first and pitching-second and pitching-third philosophy).

Anyway, they seem focused on finding a backup option for Brandon Crawford, and Clint Barmes seems like the obvious target (at the right price, that’s not such a bad thing). The market for middle infielders is shaping up to be pretty ugly though; bad ones, the likes of Willie Bloomquist, are making more money than they should. Hopefully the Giants don’t fall down this trap.

It’s a little odd that they’re looking at first basemen — as they have both Brandon Belt and Aubrey Huff — but they could definitely stand to add an outfielder. I’m guessing they’ll re-sign Cody Ross, who would like to return in 2012. He’ll be cheap, and seems like a good fit (if he can still play a serviceable centerfield).


9 thoughts on “Jon Heyman: Giants eyeing shortstops, first basemen, outfielders

  1. I think that Crawford is an outstanding SS. He just needs extra time in the batting cage. An out fielder would be great. As for 1st base. They Have Huff, Belt, and lets not forget Pill

    • Crawford is by no means an outstanding SS, he is good with the glove, but a 24 yr old, who seems almost fully developed with a .288 OBP, will never be an outstanding SS. HE could be a great backup or at best an average starter

  2. Pill can be our future 2nd baseman. Belt our future 1st. Pill will have a breakout year this year. This kid has .300 30hr 100rbi potential

  3. How does this team not have
    Any money, they just won the world
    Series and sold giants merchandise, like no other, they sold out every game last year and they still have
    No money?

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