Looking at A Potential Platoon SS Option

The Giants have had an interesting offseason, starting with committing $9.25 Million to two relievers despite having pressing needs at SS, back up catcher, and a corner Outfield spot. This likely means that the Giants will have the cut costs at one of these positions and perhaps more. Given that the Giants seem somewhat comfortable with Brandon Crawford at SS, they could look go dumpster diving to look for a cheap insurance/complementary plan. One way they could do that is with Ryan Theriot.

Theriot isn’t great offensively or defensively. Offensively he comes from the Jeff Keppinger school of not striking out but also not walking or hitting for power. Defensively, both DRS and UZR have him at about five runs below average at SS. He is also a non-tender candidate and was replaced by Rafael Furcal after an August trade. Cardinals GM John Mozeliak recently said that he “…would have no problem with [Tyler Greene] and Descalso as our middle infield.” So given that Theriot was replaced on a championship team and could be non tendered why would the Giants want him? Well for one, he’s a veteran and there is a familiarity factor. Is that a good reason? not necessarily but I do think it plays a role, especially with the Giants management. Secondly, he looks like he could be a solid part of a platoon. In 835 PA’s against Left-handed pitching Theriot has hit .301/.373/.401, whereas he has hit just .276/.334/.337 against righthanders.  Given his defensive limitations a platoon with him and Brandon Crawford could be appealing, as Theriot could play the 1st 6 innings against a LHP and Crawford could come in as a defensive sub and either replace Theriot or Theriot could shift to 2nd base where he is better suited.

While Theriot is not a glamorous option, or even an appealing one, he is also not Yuniesky Betancourt, which should count for something. And given that other mid level SS targets, like Clint Barmes are getting a lot of attention and will likely get a 2 or 3 year deal, a Theriot/Crawford platoon could be a cheap, moderately effective way to go.



8 thoughts on “Looking at A Potential Platoon SS Option

  1. Sounds good as long as they retain the Hobbit so there can be a third reunion (LSU, Cubs) for Fontenot and The Riot, who is one feisty dude. Is Sabean patient enough to wait for a non-tender though? Having L/R options to push Crawford/backup Sanchez adds a lot of depth to the infield.

  2. I think Theriot would be a good move. Should they trade for him or hope that he is non tendered and then sign him? What would be reasonable to give up in a trade?

  3. @Simon-I’d be willing to trade for him though his salary will be a but steep (~4M). I don’t think he’d command too much in a trade, a non-prospect or a NT candidate from the Giants could do it.

  4. I like Furcal more than Theriot. In a time share Furcal could team up with Crawford and Keppinger or Fontenot and stay healthy for the season. Furcal can’t play everyday but when he is healthy he’s still among the best. You can’t say that about any other free agent SS not named Reyes or Rollins. It would also be a typical Giant move: sign a retread and hope for the best.

    What the Giants should do is pony up, sign Reyes to a backloaded contract and move on. They could then resign Ross and platoon him with Torres, Belt and Huff in LF, Melky in center and Schierholz in right. Easy. The Giants just need to dig into their pockets, raise ticket prices a little and go get Reyes. He is exactly what they need, along with Freddy and Buster returning to full health.

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