Splash Hits: Bumgarner, Cain, Mitchell

Is Madison Bumgarner the Next Clayton Kershaw? – Roto Hardball
Given his success at such a young age, Madison Bumgarner has incredible potential.

Upcoming Hall of Fame Candidates, by Weighted WAR – Beyond the Box Score
Now that we’ve got Weighted WAR (wWAR) as an objective Hall of Fame barometer, what does that mean for the upcoming candidates? Be sure to vote for who you actually think will get into the Hall.

Four Giants Get Cy Young Love, But Who Deserved The Most? – Baseball Nation
One of four Giants who showed up in this year’s Cy Young balloting, the perpetually unlucky Matt Cain might actually have been the ace of San Francisco’s fantastic rotation.

The Platoon Advantage: Why I hate the new postseason plan
A thought-provoking piece on MLB’s new postseason system.

Beating the Defensive Shift | FanGraphs Baseball
How good does a player need to be to justify continuously attempting to over-hit the shift?

The Flagrant Fan: Giants Lead the Way in Fewest Homers Allowed
The Giants were the only team in the majors this year to allow fewer than 100 home runs.

All True Giants Team – Beyond the Box Score
What is the best True Giants team you can make from players who stuck with the Giants for their entire career?

Third Street Kings » A Look Back: Kevin Mitchell, 1989 MVP
A look back at Kevin Mitchell’s 1989 season.


One thought on “Splash Hits: Bumgarner, Cain, Mitchell

  1. I would rather see a Bumgarner, Kershaw matchup than a Lincecum
    Kershaw matchup. Lets face it, Lincecum cannot beat Kershaw.

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