Splash Hits: (Belated) Thanksgiving Edition

On The Passing Of Greg Halman – Lookout Landing
Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was stabbed to death at the age of 24 in Rotterdam.

Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting
Can I Interest You in a Juan Gonzalez Hall of Fame Brochure?

Guest Post: Why Not to Overpay Relief Pitchers | FanGraphs Baseball
Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary.

Baseball Prospectus | Spinning Yarn
How Does Quality of Contact Relate to BABIP?

Lefty Malo – Many Strange Questions About Angel Villalona
Angel Villalona, now on the 40-man roster.

Scouting Primer: Power | Baseball Prospect Nation
One of several excellent primers over at a new prospects blog, Baseball Prospect Nation.

Pablo Sandoval Eyes a Bright Future (Am I Right?) | Getting Blanked | Blogs | theScore.com
Pablo Sandoval just recently underwent Lasik corrective surgery; could this mean he’ll hit better against LHPs in the future?


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