Giants looking to trade Jeremy Affeldt or Ramon Ramirez

I don’t even know what to say. The Giants are spending little money this offseason, but decided to commit ~$10MM to two lefty relievers. When they re-signed Javier Lopez and exercised Jeremy Affeldt‘s option, I thought it was a bit excessive and unnecessary. Apparently the Giants took a month to realize that, and are now trying to clear up some of the money they have invested in their bullpen. Wow.


7 thoughts on “Giants looking to trade Jeremy Affeldt or Ramon Ramirez

  1. Doubt there’s any truth to the Affeldt rumor. That makes zero sense. I don’t know if he’s worth 5 million, but a good Affeldt does good things for the bullpen.

    Ramirez makes sense. Sort of like tendering a contract to Keppinger and trading him after. He had some good numbers last year, but he’s borderline gas-can. A good place to save 1 1/2 million.

  2. Now you are just parroting Grant over on McCovey Chronicles.

    Have you looked at what lefty relievers are available on the FA market? Have you seen what some of them are getting in salary? The Yankees, for one, are almost desperate for LH pitching. Boston may well be too.

    I don’t know if the Giants picked up Affeldt’s option with the intent of trading him, but it was a smart move if they did. They will likely get a pretty nice asset in return if they do move him.

    Ramirez probably has serious value out there too.

    • They really won’t get anything decent in return. They’re paying him $5MM, and it’s quite a stretch to think he really has any (significant) surplus value.

      Ramirez is a different thing — I think he could be a nice trade piece.

    • Also, how am I “parroting Grant”? I don’t personally agree with this assessment:

      More than anything, the Affeldt option being exercised is the oddest, least tolerable move of the offseason. The Giants were interested in Willie Bloomquist, they’re probably going to release Andres Torres and Mike Fontenot, and they’re repeatedly disavowing any interest in premium free agents. But the worst part is still the immediate allocation of funds to a pair of left-handed relievers

      The least tolerable move, in my opinion, would be releasing Torres — or non-tendering Mike Fontenot; heck, I think the Bloomquist offer irritated me just as much as the money committed to Lopez/Affeldt.

  3. I think you undervalue the market on lefty relievers. What are the chances you can sign a lefty reliever of Affeldt’s acumen to a 1 year $5mm contract in free agency? Zero to Nil. At best, you might sign someone like Mike Gonzalez or Darren Oliver to a 2 year $8mm deal. At worst, you might be signing Romero or Sherril to 3 year deals.

    If the Giants can trade Affeldt for anything of value, a grade B prospect or even a C+ prospect, they will have come up with a net positive from declining his option.

    • I just have serious doubts about the possibility of the Giants pulling off such a trade. If they do, it’s obviously a net positive though, and I would believe and acknowledge that it’s a good move overall if that happens.

    • Affeldt probably has some serious value for the Giants and they should retain him. If Wilson’s elbow flares up, if Romo’s knee gets tricky, if Casilla can’t throw strikes; it will be nice to have the insurance of Affeldt to pitch in critical late-inning spots. I dont’ know if he’s worth 5 million bucks because reliever’s values are so inflated beyond their WAR, but he’s worth something significant to a pitching dependent team. As for Ramirez, he’s the fungible type for sure. C prospect ? Sounds good.

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