Splash Hits: 12/3/11

2012 Roster Projection: San Francisco Giants – MLB Daily Dish
The San Francisco Giants are looking to bounce back in 2012, and we have a projection of their 25-man roster for next season, including a batting order, bench, rotation and bullpen.

Pablo Sandoval: Jack-Be-Nimble, Jack-Be-Quick | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at Pablo Sandoval‘s stellar defense.

The Internet Baseball Community Hates Barry Bonds | FanGraphs Baseball
By Baseball-Reference’s ELO Rater, Barry Bonds is ranked the 26th best player of all time. Which is crazy.

NL West: Three fixes for each team – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Three fixes (or action items) for each team in the NL West. On the Giants’ list: a bat, a shortstop, a #5 starter.

Top 50 Prospects: #34 – Gary Brown | The Golden Sombrero Baseball Blog | MLB, Fantasy, College & High School Baseball News
Brown comes in at #34 in the Golden Sombrero’s prospect rankings.

Crazy Crabbers | Giants Baseball Blog: Baseball America’s Giants 2012 Top 10 Prospects
Gary Brown tops the list.

Wanted: Ramon Ramirez’s Pitch Chains | Getting Blanked | Blogs | theScore.com
“Ramirez went from a common right handed reliever to the type of bullpen stalwart that any team would want to call their own.”


2 thoughts on “Splash Hits: 12/3/11

  1. The simple fact of the matter is the Giants COULD sign a big bat. Huff’s millions will be done this year and Zito’s bloated contracted shortly after. So, signing one of the big boys, while it would hurt a bit in the short term, wouldn’t break the bank when you factor in what is coming off the next couple of years. A contract structured to be like Zito’s, lighter on the front end and heavier on the back end, would still keep the Giants near the payroll they want to be in the short term. And the longer-term benefits would likely mean more World Series titles.

  2. Great links!

    The Roster Projection blew my mind. It’s not that I haven’t been following other projections like ZiPS or Bill James, but I haven’t noticed before just how young our lineup is top to bottom, except for the guys who are likely to be gone after 2012.

    2012 Opening day ages:
    C: Buster – 25
    1B/LF: Brandon Belt – turns 24 in april
    3B: Panda – 25
    CF: Melky Cabrera – 27
    RF: Nate Schierholtz – 28

    Older guys (Unlikely to be retained after 2012)
    1B/LF: Aubrey Huff – 35
    2B: Freddy Sanchez – 34

    At this point, only two starting position players will be over 28! I included Melky Cabrera because if the Giants like his play in 2012, they are the kind of team that likes to extend a player they’ve acquired.

    And isn’t it remarkable that our two best and most advanced position player prospects play CF and 2B, and could conceivably fill an all 30-and-under team in 2013/2014 if added to the group young guys scattered around the mean age of their physical prime?

    Gary Brown just turned 23 in September, Joe Panik turned 21 in October. If Melky plays well and is extended by the Giants, he could slide over to LF, with Gary in center and Panik at 2B. Even with Brandon Crawford batting #9 when Bumgarner, Cain, and Vogelsong pitch, that would be a very good, very young and very cheap lineup.

    This changed my mind on everything. I don’t even want Carlos Beltran back (well, maybe if he signed a fair 2-year contract; Schierholtz isn’t a guarantee to be healthy all the time either).

    If the Giants extended Cain and Lincecum this offseason, even if they had to go into 5-8 year territory, I couldn’t feel more confident about the long-term prospects of this team.

    I think this team’s ideal future is to build around Cain and Lincecum, and maintain them as the players they pay elite free agent salaries. If Panda, then MadBum and Buster require that same kind of commitment three and five years down the road, that may also be possible. If we had the fantastic luck that even 3/5 turned out to be consistent elite franchise players–and I think it’s possible all five will–they would be the sort of cornerstones that would merit the financial commitment.

    The vast majority of players acquired in free agency aren’t.

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