Giants interested in Ryan Ludwick

According to Chris Haft, the Giants might be “eyeing” free agent outfielder Ryan Ludwick:

The Giants were believed to have scheduled a meeting Monday with Ludwick’s agent, Dan Horwits. Ludwick earned $6.775 million last season but might be more affordable than that this winter, even on the open market.



5 thoughts on “Giants interested in Ryan Ludwick

  1. Ugh is right. Baggs tweets they’re looking to trade for OF help or RH IF. I’m going with Baggs over Haft. Of course Baggs restarted the Coco Crisp rumors yesterday…

  2. If they are genuinely out on Beltran, just resign Ross to a 4 mil deal and be done with it. The grass in not greener in those junkyards. Ross is versatile and can only be better in 2012 now that the hangover has passed.

      • Hah. I almost stuck in a “just sign Cody” as well…

        I think the Giants are telling FA’s 1 year deals and nobody wants to hear that in this market. Our farm system is better than some folks give it credit for, and the brain trust is trying to get young players to the big club as fast as they can.

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