Giants Sign (Former) Five-Tool Talent

The Giants lost a Joaquin to the Nationals yesterday. Waldis Joaquin was designated for assignment about a month ago, so Washington just swooped in and signed him to a minor-league deal. Joaquin put up a 1.17 K/BB in 50 innings in Fresno. So the Giants did what any clever organization would do. They went out and got a better Joaquin: Joaquin Arias. Well…maybe he’s better.

Arias was once a five-tool talent. He was once a top-100 prospect. This one time, he was traded along with Alfonso Soriano for one of the greatest players of all time. That was all about seven and a half years ago, though.

More recently, he was traded straight-up for Jeff Francoeur. And that really says all you need to know about how he’s progressed in these past seven and a half years. Jeff Francoeur.

But Arias, interestingly enough, is still only 27 years old.

Here’s what I know about the Arias of Christmas Present, from an Amazin’ Avenue post that was written one year ago:

  • He’s probably not a major-league shortstop
  • He’s still got some speed
  • He doesn’t have much power
  • He can’t walk

Miguel Tejada hit .239/.270/.326 this year. Joaquin Arias hit .232/.272/.353. The only problem — aside, of course, from the fact that this is awful production — is that Arias put up those numbers in Triple-A.

The shine from his semi-elite prospect status has long worn off, but Arias remains one of the more intriguing signings the Giants have made in the past two offseasons. Unfortunately, that says more about the utter boredom that is an early 2010s Giants offseason than it does about Arias. At least he’s more interesting than, say, Jeff Suppan.

Two months ’til pitchers and catchers report…


4 thoughts on “Giants Sign (Former) Five-Tool Talent

  1. The most interesting thing about Joaquin Arias is that, when the Rangers traded Mark Teixeira to the Yankees, they had a choice of Arias or Robinson Cano in the deal. They selected Arias. Oops.

  2. On the Barry Bonds situation….. The guy who made this pharmaceutical should be the one doing the time, not any of the athletes. He designed HCH or whatever it is, it wasn’t off the shelf. He went to some biochemical facility, making sure it worked. Who knows how long he worked on it, could have been 8 months, or years! He defiantly tested it. The guy who developed this with BALCO should be doing the time, Bonds and the other athletes shouldn’t do 1 second.

    • The drug designer shares the blame along with MLB for turning a “blind eye”. Let’s just call it “willful neglect” on Bud Selig’s part and all of his minions. Probably the reason why everyone wants the Bonds issue to quietly go away. 30 days of house arrest? And not for even the actual issue at hand? In my personal opinion, BLB is no more guilty than any of the other players and if they really want to prosecute anyone it should be the designer, MLB itself then the players. They would be smart to just look ahead, put in the controls for monitoring and strict suspensions and let everything else be categorized as “water under the bridge”.

  3. ECP – I do not think you know what you are talking about. Texas did not trade Mark Teixeira to the Yankees. They traded him to the Braves who traded him to the Angels. He then became a free agent and signed with the Yankees. Robinson Cano had nothing to do with any of this.

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