Splash Hits: 12/19/11

A Catch With Pop « Baseball Prose
“I never played catch with my father.”

The Default Position of McCovey Chronicles on Barry Bonds – McCovey Chronicles
Barry Bonds is not in prison. That’s probably a good thing.

The Platoon Advantage: Plagiarists Who (might) Write Among Us
Nine baseball writers are suspected of plagiarism.

How Will the Dodgers Score Runs in 2012? | FanGraphs Baseball
In comparison to the Dodgers’ offense, the Giants don’t look so bad.

Quick Thoughts on Latos to the Reds – Beyond the Box Score
The Reds gave away a blue chip prospect, but they’ve still got Joey Votto and now add a top of the rotation starter, which they desperately needed.

Why Jeff Bagwell Should Not Make The Hall Of Fame: An In-Depth Study – Baseball Nation
His numbers are great, but Jeff Bagwell has a lot to answer for.


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