Giants Sign Eric Hacker

Via Andrew Baggarly (per Sosnick Cobbe Sports), the Giants have signed right-handed pitcher Eric Hacker to a minor-league deal:

RT @SosnickCobbe RHP Eric Hacker has signed a Minor League deal with the #Giants. Hacker won 16 games for Triple-A Fresno in 2010.

Hacker, 28, posted a 6.10 ERA/4.85 FIP in 135 innings with the Twins’ AAA affiliate in 2011. He tossed 165.2 innings in Fresno the year before, and was similarly mediocre (4.51 ERA/4.67 FIP). Like Brian Burres, who signed with the Giants yesterday, Hacker will serve as starting pitching depth.


14 thoughts on “Giants Sign Eric Hacker

  1. How does Hensley Meulens still have a job with a pathetic lifetime avg one strike out every 3 at bats oh i forgot hes just another old yankee on the payroll Pathetic

      • … to think that most of us believed they won the world series in 2010 largely on the strength of the pitching, no one had ever told us it was because of the hitting coach.

  2. Trade Sabean for that “player to be named” who rarely shows up and put Huff and Whiteside under each arm of his. Since the press does not know…who does…is Whiteside on the majors roster or is he on the minors ???? Time to spend some of that money ownership has been shafting the fans out of.Larry Baer is a proven do nothing except make sure his mug is in all pictures.As far as Hacker goes….”WHOOP DE DO”

  3. Lightning in a bottle only comes by now and then….Hacker and/or Burres are not the remedy. In response to Joe W. ….Meulens can only be re-placed by Eugenio Velez in the ratings market for hitting instructors.

  4. John D,

    It has nothing to do with signing another pitcher. I think Mr. Wolyniec is just expressing his concern that here we are marching through the Hot Stove and yet we may be getting the same stale offense that we had last year. Again, we will have no margin for error just like we have had for the past decade since BLB retired.

  5. no one is allowed to criticize the world champion GM. But the signing of Tejada was an absolute disaster and anyone with a brain knew it at the time. Huff should have gotten 7 mil one year or let him walk. Giants waste the huge revenues that they got from the supremely lucky WS win; and make it harder to sign Lincecum et al because of the refusal to sign good players.

  6. We sell outr every game;every year; where is all that money going;;maybe toi sign Lincicum and Cain next year;; I would have gone after Beltran;;he had a good year with the Giants;;we gave up our #1 pitching prospect for three month player;;something is wrong here;;

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