Extending Madison Bumgarner, Part II

Three months ago, Zack explored the possibility of a Madison Bumgarner extension. It’s something that’s been discussed a lot lately though; with Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum set to earn monster deals, why not lock up Bumgarner as soon as possible for the purposes of cost certainty? As Zack noted, a pitcher of Bumgarner’s caliber — assuming he continues to pitch as well as he has — will inevitably cost a lot of money going year to year in arbitration. Even a deal that just buys out his arbitration years could save the Giants a good chunk of money in the long run. And a deal that buys out his arb years and — say — his first couple years of free agency? Well, that’s obviously more risky, but accordingly, leaves more potential for reward.

Anyway, over at MLB Trade Rumors, Tim Dierkes looks at Madison Bumgarner as an extension candidate. Given a) how talented Bumgarner is, b) how little the Giants would be risking in the grand scheme of things, and c) the modest potential for reward, I say go for it:

A Madison Bumgarner extension is risky, as is the case w/ any SP. But the potential rewards/savings make it worth pursuing.


3 thoughts on “Extending Madison Bumgarner, Part II

  1. I totally agree that the Giants should explore signing Bumgarner, for the reasons you state.

    The only problem is that, just as in Lincecum’s case, he may have a much higher value in mind than the Giants in terms of signing a contract, just like how Bumgarner wanted Posey money for 2011, and the Giants just ended up renewing his contract, as per their right.

    It is one thing to agree that a long-term contract is advantageous to both sides, but both will need to be on board about the pitcher’s value. Right now, I’m guessing that Bumgarner has a higher value in mind than the Giants, given their difference in opinion over last season’s salary.

    But the Giants almost definitely are thinking about it, they had signed both Lowry and Cain to deals before, the key issue is agreeing on what the total contract should be.

    I would also like to see long-term deals done with Posey and Sandoval as well.

  2. At the moment I think the Giants feel like they have their hands full with all the arbitration cases pending. Once the dust clears from that I think you’ll see them address Matt Cain and after that, Bumgarner depending on how it all shakes out.

  3. Extend Cain. Extend Bumgarner. Plan on trading Lincecum next offseason.

    Plan the rotation after 2012 with Cain & Bumgarner on top. Vogelsong another year of goodness. Surkamp at the back end. Internal competition for the back of the rotation with guys like Fitzgerald and Heston. Sign a FA starter to anchor the middle of the rotation. Net a MLB ready pitching prospect from trading Lincecum. Hope a recently drafted arm rises quickly (Crick, Osich,???).

    No problem. We got this.

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