Giants Sign Boof Bonser

The Giants have signed Boof Bonser to a minor-league deal:

RHP Boof Bonser has signed a minor league deal with the San Francisco Giants. Bonser was drafted by the Giants in the 1st round in 2000.

Eight years ago, Bonser was traded to the Twins along with Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano in a move that didn’t exactly pan out well for the Giants.


11 thoughts on “Giants Sign Boof Bonser

  1. Oh Wow….Be still my heart….after all these years of getting coal for Christmas I feel I hit rock bottom when my beloved Giants signed Joaquin Arias, but alas my hearties we now have Boof The Bummer. What’s next, do we sign Whiteside to a 5 year extension????

  2. I think that Brian Sabean is thinking that The SF Giants are pretty stupid as he signing bottom of the barrel talent. so far It has been Brian Burres, Boof Bonser, Eli Whiteside, Emmanuel Burris, Joaquin Arias, Gregor Blanco. I know he’ll sign Former Giants closer David Aardsma who is a free agent and of course go after Jeremy Accardo who was horrible all year. I know we go after John Bowker,Omar Vizquiel.

  3. WHAT GOOD TO HAVE THE BEST PITCHERS IN BASEBall and the front office can’t get their heads out of the sand to get some offense at least 290 hitters . If i was Tim and the rest of the staff i would sign no less than 6 years.thad

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