Prospect Question: Does Profile Matter?

So I have started working on my Giants top prospect list, and while doing so I have had a hard time ranking two third base prospects, Conor Gillaspie and Chris Dominguez. On my rough list I have Gillaspie at 13 and Dominguez at 15, but I am wondering if I have one or both too high, and which one should be ranked as the better prospect.

Some background on these prospects: Conor Gillaspie was a supplemental 1st round draft pick out of Wichita State and he was seen as a guy with a polished hit tool, a good plate approach and more gap power than HR power. He earned comps to ex-Giant Bill Mueller, but with likely worse defense.

Dominguez, on the other hand was a 3rd round pick in 2009 out of Louisville. He has massive raw power and a cannon for an arm at 3B, but was so raw that he spent the 2010 year at Low A Augusta despite being 23 years old and coming out of college as a redshirt junior.

Gillaspie has methodically played a full year at A+, AA, and AAA, save for a few cups of coffee in the majors, while Dominguez spent all of 2010 at Augusta and split last year between A+ and AA.

Their batting lines to date in the minors are:

Gillaspie: .288/.361/.414

Dominguez: .268/.314/.446

Now honestly, I don’t see either as a full time regular in the major leagues, which is why I am asking the question in the title. Because, while I do think that Gillaspie would be the better player if they were both given a 600 PA’s, Dominguez’s tools profile better in a potential bench role. Gillaspie has a solid well rounded game-and he has improved every year, so perhaps I am underselling him.

But I could see Dominguez being a guy who comes off the bench and sells out for the power. Kind of like a Juan Uribe without the positional adjustment or jazz hands. With Gillaspie I don’t see teams looking for a bench guy who is more of a singles hitter with gap power and lacking great speed/defense.

But maybe I am over-thinking it and since I think Gillaspie would be the better player that should be enough. I don’t know-as of right now I’ll probably leave them where they are but I could be swayed to change my opinion on one or both of them.


8 thoughts on “Prospect Question: Does Profile Matter?

  1. This is that high floor/low ceiling vs. low floor/high ceiling argument, isn’t it? Although Dominguez’ ceiling can’t be all that high.

    Just doesn’t seem like there’s much prospect to Gillaspie. I like his approach and all, but he’s a man without a position and power. He’s a left handed pinch hitter I suppose, but I thought that Aubrey Huff was ticketed for that job this year.

    The question is, why did the Giants draft his type in the 2008 supplemental round? It’s fun to go back and see what better prospect they could have in the system or on the 25-man. Lance Lynn was chosen shortly after.

    • Kind of, although I agree that Dominguez doesn’t have a huge ceiling-in the McC prospect list I saw Pedro Feliz’s name brought up in terms of offensive upside for Dominguez and Dominguez certainly doesn’t have Feliz’s glove.

      As for Gillaspie, he has a good contact rate and patience but he’s a classic tweener without the glove/speed to play up the middle or the power at the corners.

      And looking back at the 08 draft can be fun/frustrating. For example the Giants took Roger Kieschnick 5 spots ahead of one of my white whales, Danny Espinosa from the Nationals

  2. Gillaspie doesn’t hit for power and was terrible on defense when I saw him play, although that was admittedly a couple of years ago in the Cal League.

    I’ll take the chance on Dominguez harnessing his power over Gillaspie and not think twice about it. I have Dominguez ranked #11 on my list with Gillaspie WAY down below that. Not even close to top 20 for Gillaspie in my book.

  3. The big thing for me:
    Dominguez (career): 74/350 (0.21 BB/K)
    Gillaspie (career): 170/228 (0.75 BB/K)

    At age 22, Gillaspie hit .287/.335/.420 in Richmond with a 0.55 BB/K
    At age 24, Dominguez hit .244/.272/.403 in Richmond with a 0.12 BB/K

    I have Dominguez above Gillaspie for the reasons DrBGiantsFan stated, but for me, it’s not a substantial gap between the two. Gillaspie’s in the 21-25 range on my list, whereas I had Dominguez at 19.

  4. Yeah like I said I have them fairly close to each other too and Dominguez tools are certainly louder than Gillaspie’s which is a very strong argument for him but that K/BB is scary

  5. Gillaspie’s time is now. He better have his old man or his wife hitting him grounders every day. If he could fill in at second or third and even outfield in a pinch, he’d be a nice asset on the bench. With Freddy Sanchez primed for time on the DL, Gillaspie could get the chance for significant innings at second— if he can prove confident at the keystone during his time in Fresno.

  6. I’m just happy to have them both, even as the longshots they are now. A few years back they’d be our great hopes for breaking the position player drought. Now they’re long in the tooth guys who are overshadowed by all these catchers, Brown & Panik and the next wave of pitchers in Crick, Blackburn and Mejia. I’d lean towards Dominguez for the power or bust but if Conor G can learn 2B he could be a decent utility guy. Big if. Still, they give the farm depth.

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