Splash Hits: Barry Bonds, Bruce Bochy, Brandon Belt

San Francisco Giants Top 20 Prospects for 2012 – Minor League Ball
John Sickels’ top 20 Giants prospects.

An Incomplete Collection Of Barry Bonds Fun Facts – Baseball Nation
“Barry Bonds put up a lot of numbers. A lot of numbers that are almost literally unbelievable. Let’s dig into them just a little bit, because do you really have anything better to do? I know I don’t.”

BtBWAA 2012 Hall of Fame Vote: Seven Players Headed for Cooperstown – Beyond the Box Score
The contributors at Beyond the Box Score held a mock Hall of Fame vote. I voted for the first eight on the list.

Bruce Bochy: Hall of Fame manager? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Is Bruce Bochy a Hall of Fame manager?

Jeff Sullivan: Barry Bonds’ Nemesis – Old Time Family Baseball
One of the many guest pieces over at Old Time Family Baseball, as part of a charity blogathon. Please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders.

Optioned to Fresno – A SF Giants Prospects Blog: Will Gary Brown’s Offense Survive the Move to the Eastern League?
Optioned to Fresno returns.

Is there an asterisk in Brandon’s future?
Brandon Belt comp: Roger Maris.


One thought on “Splash Hits: Barry Bonds, Bruce Bochy, Brandon Belt

  1. Right now, I don’t think Bochy is a HOF manager, although he is very good. If he can win it all one more time, then I think he should be in.

    Tom Kelly should be in the HOF. Winning 2 WS with the Twins? Man, that’s a slam dunk!

    The EL will be a big challenge for Gary Brown. Let’s see him do better than Peguero’s .302 BA there.

    Love the Maris comp for Brandon Belt. I don’t expect him to hit 61 HR’s, but if you project his performance last year to a full season of PA’s, you get around 27 HR’s and he went long stretches without hitting anything.

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