An Awkward Interview with Aubrey Huff

I just finished interviewing Aubrey Huff, which was an extraordinarily awkward experience. When I approached him, he was talking to somebody, presumably with KNBR or CSN-Bay Area, about a promo he had to film. He didn’t seem enthused (“Do I really have to do that?“). The guy said “well, you could interview with this guy,” to which he responded “Okay, I’ll film the promo.”

Later, Huff was finishing up an interview with another person, and he didn’t seem very happy (to say the least). “Okay…What do you want me to say to that? That’s not a question.”

Eventually, the guy left, and Huff stood up.

“Do you mind if I film you?” I asked.

“Sure, go ahead.”

What follows is video of said awkward interview:


8 thoughts on “An Awkward Interview with Aubrey Huff

  1. Julian…Great interview with Mad-Bum and then someone dropped a bomb on us that I did not want to see and /or hear…Huff who I was hopeful of cleaning his act up after 2011 seemed as if he took you as a low life reporter or a arrogant clown. He was a disgrace to the Giant team.I so wanted to see Huff regain some of the gusto he had in 2010 and now I want to see him disapear….My feelings.

  2. Sorry Julian I did not proof read my comment….I was entirely disappointed in Huff…and when I made the comment on being a arrogant clown that was directed at Huff and not you….to me this is a huge black mark on the great Giants team.

  3. Sounds more like the previous interview/promo got him pissed off and you had to deal with the lingering resentment.

    “Okay…What do you want me to say to that? That’s not a question.” You know, that part.

    Could be touchy with respect to feeling that people/bloggers are pointing the finger at him for not coming in to shape and being the reason the Giants failed to make the playoffs.

  4. I didn’t think it was as awkward as I was expecting after Julian’s intro. I sounded like Julian might have been just a wee bit intimidated, yet wanted to ask some tough questions, so he just waded in which might have gotten Huffy a bit, well, huffy!

    I’m wondering if the first question could have been along the lines of “Well, last year was a tough one for the whole team, what do the Giants as a team and you in particular need to do to come back from that? Then follow up with something along the lines of how much were all the championships celebrations a distraction? Finally, does he agree that conditioning was a major factor for him last year?

    Oh well, good job, Julian. You hung in there with a tough one so I’ll hand it to you for that.

  5. Nice job Julian. You asked the questions politely and directly, and professionally. Just remind yourself, that part of being a MLB player is to deal with the media and fans. Its not your job to make a player feel at ease with legitimate questions about his performances, past, present and future.

    Its part of his job. We all don’t like parts of our job from time to time. But this is the off-season, not after a tough loss. If you’re piqued at someone, it is wrong to take it out on an innocent party. Who knows? Not worth stewing over. You did a good job. Just keep moving forward.

    E (Joeneverleft)

  6. You did a nice job with all the media day stuff, Julian. Thank you for posting it up. Unfortunately, Huff’s in a bad position this year, and you bore a little of the brunt of that……I think it’s funny, actually. He needs to step up this season, or, as Bochy mentioned (concerning Rowand), he could be benched this year in favor of (insert youthful player’s name here).

    I know that you gotta be a little ticked at some of the media picking at the wounds, Aubrey, but you should also be expecting it.

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