Interview: Ryan Vogelsong

One of my favorite interviews from Media Day was Ryan Vogelsong, who seemed pretty happy. I asked him about Dave Righetti’s influence and his contract discussions; he mentioned how much he loves playing in San Francisco, and was very pleased with how his contract situation worked out…

Giants Nirvana: Do you credit Dave Righetti with your breakout this season?

Ryan Vogelsong: He definitely had something to do with it. A lot of it was just growing up as a pitcher through the years, but I can distinctly remember a bullpen in Spring Training, and obviously, you know, being a non-roster guy I was trying to, you know, have good bullpens and show him what I was capable of doing. And he kinda backed me off one day and said, “You need to just take it easy, you’re gonna have a great year this year.” And, you know, it just kind of spoke to me because I know Rags, we’ve been friends for a long time, I’m like “he’s not just gonna say that to say it.” You know, it has some credibility behind it. And the day he told me that, I think it made me believe that it was gonna happen. At that point, whether it was Fresno or here, I didn’t know. But it made me believe that I could have an amazing year. So yeah, to that standpoint, and he probably doesn’t even know that that was part of the conversation, but…that day he told me that really made me start to understand that it could happen.

Giants Nirvana: You ended up signing a two-year extension with an option for a third year. Where did contract talks start? Were you talking a one-year deal, or —

Ryan Vogelsong: The actual conversation started pretty quickly after the offseason, but just not real intense, kind of chatter back and forth. A one-year deal was never really discussed; it was pretty much agreed right away that we were gonna try and do something multi-year. And the closer we got to the end, then we really started talking about a third-year option, which is something that I was really interested in doing and I was real happy when the team actually mentioned having that in there. You know, I love playing here, I love the city, I definitely connected with the fanbase here last year, and I really couldn’t think of being anywhere else, you know, for the next two or three years.


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