Justin Christian Designated For Assignment

The Giants designated Justin Christian for assignment today to make room on the 40 man roster for Guillermo Mota and Ryan Theriot, per Andrew Baggarly.

I had thought that Christian may have had the inside track to be the team’s 25th man due to the fact that he bats righty, and most of the team’s OFs are either switch hitters or left handed hitters, but this move makes it seem less likely. If he clears waivers he will likely receive an invitation to Spring Training.


12 thoughts on “Justin Christian Designated For Assignment

  1. With the Giants profound lack of quality major league hitters and slugging ability, they need desperately, guys who can play great defense, with speed, and run the bases when they get on. They need to “manufacture runs” with steals and hit and run plays. They should never cut a player who can run the bases, and get to balls in the OF! They refuse to spend money on professional hitters, so this is the only way for them to compete!!!!

    • He walked too many times for their taste. Nice .374 OBP but wrong side of thirty.

      I guess they’re hoping he comes back around but not too concerned as they have Tyler Graham able to fill that role. Juan Perez another. Plus Francisco Peguero and Gary Brown will be knocking.

  2. Its really hard to sit by and watch the front office dis-respect a pitching staff that has to go out each game and be near perfect? Really makes no sense that a team that sells out so many times a year should be run like the A’s?

    IF you’re a pitcher on this staff I say God bless ya cause you aren’t getting any earthly offensive help again this year!

    • If the lineup averages, that’s right averages, their ZIPS projections for 2012, which aren’t exactly optimistic, this team will be an league average offense.

      The A’s? When was the last time Sabean traded away his star players for a bunch of prospects. Me? I actually wish he would do that once in awhile!

  3. I know … you can put Posey at first, then move Hough to Left and that obviously opens up centerfield for Brandon Belt. Why? BECAUSE WE HAVE NO POWER OTHERWISE.

    The only hope is that Cabrera and Pagan have breakout years.

  4. Seems like a bunch of you forgot that the Giants are getting back Two of their Best Hitters, in Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey. The Additions of Cabrera and Pagan are Great as both can play all outfield positions, and both can hit Leadoff of need be. Huff has a good year every other year(and this is that Other Year), Sandoval is getting better each year(as long as he stays in Condition)Theroit was another Great Addition who’s a good hitter and a clutch hitter Too, He and Crawford will work nice in a Platoon Role. Nate is Going to get a full season in this year as the starting RF, and the Lineup should look like this: 1. Pagan CF 2. Freddy 2B 3. Pablo 3B 4. Posey C 5. Melky LF 6. Huff/Belt 1B 7. Schierholtz RF 8. Crawford/Theroit 9. lin2CYcum. This Lineup will score some Runs and play Great Defense Too!

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