Splash Hits: 2/22/12

It’s been a while since I put up a links post, and as such, I have some catching up to do…

Kevin Goldstein released his top 101 prospects list, with only one Giant showing up: Gary Brown at #18. Brown, of course, was also #1 on Goldstein’s top Giants prospects (which, by the way, is free to the public).

Additionally, Brown was the lone Giant on Baseball America’s 2012 top 100, coming in at #38.

Baseball Prospect Nation, meanwhile, ranked the top 150 prospects in baseball, and three Giants made the cut: Brown at #32, Crick at #130, and Joseph at #133. BPN also ran down the top 15 Giants prospects, and published a scouting report on Gary Brown.

Keith Law published his prospect rankings as well, with Brown coming in at #68 overall. The Giants’ farm system was ranked #26 overall.

If you can’t get enough of Gary Brown (which is actually understandable), Bullpen Banter has a nice write-up on him. He’s 55th on their top 100.

A trio of Giants prospects — Adam Duvall, Shawn Sanford, and Stephen Harrold — were profiled by Seedlings to Stars.

Over at MLB Daily Dish, Satchel Price has begun to do positional prospect rankings. Tommy Joseph was ranked 15th among catchers, with Hector Sanchez and Andrew Susac as honorable mentions.

Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com revealed his top 20 San Francisco Giants prospects.

Speaking of prospects, Minor League Ball wrote about how Pablo Sandoval was seen as a prospect.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Sam Miller details the “worst game of 2011” — one in which the Giants scored 15 runs(!)

J.P. Breen at Fangraphs ranked teams by WAR added through homegrown players since the 2002 draft. The Giants, at 97.9 WAR, were second in all of MLB.

Ryan Vogelsong‘s slider was one of the worst pitches of 2011, according to Eno Sarris.

Lastly, Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area wrote an article about the blogger interview session with Brian Sabean.


One thought on “Splash Hits: 2/22/12

  1. Some of the lists are very interesting. I am not surprised by Law rankings us the 26th organization in baseball. I agree that the system took a big hit with Belt graduating and Wheeler being traded, and the pitching is very thin in the Giants organization as well (the fact that Hembree is considered our top pitching prospect shows that). However, I do think there is some upside in our system, though a lot of it is still years away. If some guys have some breakout year or bounce back years, I could see this system bouncing back, especially considering we’ll have better draft position in this year’s draft.

    One of the guys I just can’t seem to understand is Mayo and his rankings. I don’t know how you could rank Culberson over Panik and Dominguez in the Top 10 (over Crick and Susac). I am really curious to see how he comes to his rankings, especially since this seems a MLB-wide thing (I remember Banuelos was ranked insanely high in comparison to other lists in which he appeared).

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