The Giants Are Now 0-3

Well, that was a tough loss. Just like the first two games. After three innings, the Giants had a 6-0 lead. Around the middle of the sixth inning, they had a still-comfortable four-run lead. It really looked like they had the game locked up because Matt Cain is Matt Cain and the Giants’ bullpen is the Giants’ bullpen. A couple homers later, Arizona was within one; and after a messy seventh inning, they had taken the lead. The Giants didn’t recover.

Losing the first three games of the season is never pretty. Losing them to the Arizona Diamondbacks, of all teams (given that they’re the biggest thing in the Giants’ way as far as winning the division goes)? Even worse. But considering that San Francisco was just swept, at least it happened like this: the Giants lost these games because Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and Matt Cain surrendered 14 runs over 15.1 innings. And that’s not a trend that’ll continue. The good news is that the Giants’ offense, weak as it may be, managed to score 14 runs over three games against some pretty good pitching. And while that’s probably not a trend that will continue either, it’s certainly nice to see the offense showing signs of life. Especially as it pertains to Buster Posey (2 for 4, BB, HR), who is returning from an ugly injury and only played in 45 games last season.

It’s April. We spent all of last month trying not to draw meaningful conclusions from the numbers, and it still applies to these first several games. Brandon Belt is pressing. Angel Pagan hasn’t looked good. Whatever. There are still 159 games to go. The more interesting thing to watch will be how the Giants respond — i.e. how long will it take for Aubrey Huff to play his way out of a starting role?

Barry Zito is pitching tomorrow. Should be…interesting.


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