Pitching, Defense, Offense Falter in 9-1 Loss to Dodgers

…and that was the low point in the season. So far, that is. Barry Zito, to his credit, did fifth starter things — which is to say, he was good enough. Three runs in six innings. His strikeout-to-walk ratio is nearing sub-1.00 territory, but that seems like the least of the Giants’ problems right now.

Brett Pill is not a left fielder. Conor Gillaspie isn’t much of a third baseman, either. With this Giants roster, there are actually quite a few lineup variations that are capable of playing good defense. This was not one of them — not by a longshot.

And the offense. Oh my. Ted Lilly kept them to one run over six innings; the Dodgers’ bullpen kept them silent. Hector Sanchez struck out three times; the 1-2 of Pagan/Theriot put up a collective 0-for-9; and “lefty-masher” Brett Pill failed to reach base. In the first pitch of his first at-bat returning from the DL, Aubrey Huff promptly flied out to center. And yet, the Giants still managed to get enough runners on base to strand ten of ’em. The Giants haven’t hit a home run in 60 innings.

As of now, the Giants have scored 109 runs; they’ve allowed 114 runs. And they still have to get through the next six weeks without Pablo Sandoval. Just an incredibly frustrating loss.


3 thoughts on “Pitching, Defense, Offense Falter in 9-1 Loss to Dodgers

  1. I like to mention Jonathan Arias because he was the only offense for the night. He had 3 hits and drove in the lone run.

    I think the infield positions need help. Psoey should not be playing first anymore and let Belt, Huff or Phil play there. Theriot should be benched and what happened to Burris. I thought he was the better second baseman. Arias should play more at shortshop and Crawford either sub in as late inning defense or when Arias has days off. Is there another else that can play third. Pablo is surely missed and he would not be making those errors like Conor did.

  2. I’m wondering if the fact that they’ve had a different lineup almost every game this season is part of the problem? Yes, there’ve been injuries, but even with that, maybe playing the same position two days in a row might be good for some of these guys.

    Also, can we please stop with the “Must move Buster to first!” thing now? Given that we’re not lacking in first basemen, maybe we should let him do what he does well, and let him actually rest when Zito pitches.

    • Good point, I been paying more attention to the lineup and its a shuffle everyday. There no consistent first baseman and players get moved up and down.

      Even last year Bochy, likes to play the hot bat player in the lineup and then bench him if he does not produce.

      Buster is not a first baseman, but management eventually wants to move him there to preserve his playing career. Not sure if the move is temporary or permanently.

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