Giants Pythag the Cardinals, 15-0

Tonight’s game was what you’d call a good old-fashioned “Pythagging.” The Giants already had a seven-run lead on the Cardinals by the end of the sixth inning, but they went and tacked on another eight runs in the latter two innings of the blowout. The final score: 15-0. That was just ridiculous, jaw-dropping material right there. I’m almost at a loss for words, to be honest.

A few thoughts:

  • Not to be lost in all of this “Giants scoring boatloads of runs” nonsense is the fact that Ryan Vogelsong, once again, pitched masterfully. Three hits scattered over seven scoreless innings. He’s now made 21 starts this season; he’s now pitched 6+ innings 21 times this season. Dating back to his final start of 2011, he’s now tossed 6+ innings in 22 consecutive outings, which ties Atlee Hammaker for the third-longest such streak in franchise history. I assuredly sound like a broken record at this point, but Vogelsong never ceases to amaze me.
  • This is just the second time in the San Francisco era that the Giants have scored 15+ runs in a shutout. 50+ years of baseball, and they’ve only done it once before. Every position player in the starting lineup had a hit. Five had multiple hits. Crazy, crazy stuff.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love the Marco Scutaro acquisition? I have. I don’t care — I’ll blab about it again. He’s really wasted no time in getting comfortable here — he brought a .326/.375/.395 line with San Francisco into today, and that was before this three-hit seven-RBI affair. He’s now hit safely in 10 of 12 games since joining the team.
  • Maybe the most positive thing in all of this was Brandon Belt‘s performance: he a) went two for five with a double; b) didn’t strike out once; c) made contact with every pitch he swung at, in fact; and d) even had loud outs. He sure appears to be finding a groove once again.
  • The Giants are now two games ahead of the Dodgers (who are still playing their game as of now), and they’ve also really started to distance themselves from Arizona — they’re now five games ahead.

4 thoughts on “Giants Pythag the Cardinals, 15-0

  1. really enjoy your commentary ( in fact i am now looking at it BEFORE going to thw gaint’s homepage and csn nay area..)vogelsong is the most under rated pitcher in all of baseball …he is now the ace of the staff…no question…if we wind up with a wild card he should get the start .. unfortunately we need to win the west or we will probably go home as the braves and pirates seem to have a stranglehold on the two wild card slots ( i think we are six or seven games behind both ) one slightly delicious problem we now face …and how long has it been since we had a good problem …what do you do with the panda when he comes back…who do you sit ..belt is really coming around and will only get better …you can’t sit brandon crawford…i have felt for a long time that he will become a long term all star short stop ..his at bats have gotten better and better and he is a great defensive shortstop…can you really sit theriot or scutero ( two consummate professionals )…so what do you do with the panda?????…who sits when he comes back ????…love to hear your thoughts…by the way i have been a giants fan since i was six years old ( in 1951 i remember bobby thompson’s home run ) i have always lived in new jersey but remained a giant’s fan after they moved ..i used to lister to les kiter re create the games in 1958 ( mallet on a milk carton ).. i have attended over a hundred games in san fransisco ( like a second home to me ) and i attended twelve giant’s fantasy camps becoming friends with oralndo cepada vida blue and bobby bonds…i watch every inning of every game even though home games end at two in the morning my time

  2. The nice thing about Belt’s August so far (SSS) is that his strikeout rate has plummeted from 38% in July to 7.7%. Granted, his walk rate has also fallen to 7.7%, but it is good to see him making more consistent contact.

    Now, he just needs to start finding a little bit of a home run stroke again, especially against RHPs and fastballs. He was able to do that last year and I think he can start doing it again this year.

    • Yep. He’s looked much better at the plate lately…I’m feeling pretty good about him right now. Unfortunately, he’s not in today’s starting lineup with Pomeranz pitching.

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