Melky Cabrera Receives 50-Game Suspension for PEDs

Melky Cabrera has been suspended for 50 games without pay, effective immediately, for testing positive for Testosterone. Here’s the Giants’ statement on the suspension.

I’m shocked. I’ve just been sitting here, staring at a blank computer screen for the last five minutes. Just as the Giants’ offense was starting to look really good, there’s no more Melky for the rest of the regular season. Wow.

Not even a week ago, I wrote about Melky Cabrera’s historic hit pace. Not only did he look like a lock for 200 hits, but he also appeared to have a solid shot at breaking the San Francisco Giants’ single-season hit record.

All of that is gone. Melky is gone, at least for the remainder of the regular season. Instead, we’re talking about PEDs. I hate talking about PEDs. Instead of appreciating Melky’s contributions, we’re now speculating on how much they were impacted by his use of testosterone. I don’t want to speculate on that.

The Giants are tied for first place in the NL West. With fewer than 50 games remaining, they have just lost a major piece of the puzzle, and will now have even less room for error in what will likely prove to be a tight race.

It’s all too easy to react as though the Giants are doomed; that’s not the case. For one, the Giants likely lost 2011 Melky, not 2012 Melky — which is to say, he probably wouldn’t have kept playing at this level down the stretch. Secondly, the Giants aren’t exactly replacing him with garbage. I guess the assumption is that Gregor Blanco will take over most of Melky’s playing time; that’s certainly discouraging — it’s hard to feel confident in any corner outfielder that can’t muster a .350 slugging percentage, but realistically, the difference between Blanco and Melky over what amounts to roughly 40 games is, what, half a win?

The Giants took a major hit, no doubt. But they’re still in this.

On another note, I can’t help but wonder what the future now holds for Melky. I’d have to imagine he just saw tens of millions of dollars flushed down the drain. What a mess all of this is.


7 thoughts on “Melky Cabrera Receives 50-Game Suspension for PEDs

  1. Speculation time! Do you think that Melky’s outstanding performance this season was only possible with the PED’s he was using? It seems a reasonable assumption to me.

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  4. everyone thought canseco was full of crap when he wrote that book that said all the big hitters in baseball were doping. and then he turned out to be right. turns out there is another cassandra courtesy of balco:

    so here’s what we know: people are pointing to the drop in offensive numbers as proof that steroids are out of baseball. but in the old days of doping, nobody used testosterone because it wasn’t as effective as drugs like winstrol or dianabol. so the drop in numbers could be attributed to dopers switching to a less effective product. so if conte is right what we should expect to see is very few positive doping tests with the occasional athlete getting caught and the positive test being for synthetic testosterone. which is exactly what has happened. ryan braun and melky cabrera (two of the best hitters in the game) both tested positive for synthetic testosterone. but neither guy was huge like mcgwire, sosa, or bonds. heck, cabrera only has 10 homeruns this year despite his .900+ ops. so what’s going on is clear. all baseball needs to do is send all of its stored specimens for carbon isotope ratio tests regardless of the p/e ratio. the tests cost $400 a pop but you are going to catch a lot of the guys who are using these fast acting testosterone gels. but wait, there’s a problem! there aren’t any specimens. as part of the agreement between mlb and the players union in 2005 that “toughened” drug testing, mlb changed its policy from keeping all specimens indefinitely to disposing of all specimens after testing. that is an astonishing policy change and i am utterly shocked that they were able to implement such a change without anyone noticing. so what about the olympics? in the ’80s an east german team doped up on the strongest roids known to man set the world record in the women’s 4 by 100 meter relay. then that record stood without anyone even sniffing at it for 27 years as track and field cracked down on doping. and then out of nowhere the u.s women’s team shatters that record by an amazing .55 seconds at the london games. a story too good to be true. like marion jones. or rick ankiel. i’ve seen this movie before. occam’s razor. the simplest explanation is that conte is absolutely right.

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