NLDS Game Three – Giants v. Reds

You might notice I didn’t bother writing about Sunday’s game. What do you expect? It was probably the most miserable game of 2012. Bronson Arroyo, one of the most hittable pitchers in baseball, nearly no-hit the Giants. Madison Bumgarner couldn’t make it through five innings. The Giants, already down 1-0 in the series, took a beating in their own park. Enough about that game. I’d rather just pretend that didn’t happen.

The Giants’ season is now hanging by a thread. In order to avoid elimination, they must a) beat a 97-win team b) three games in a row c) on the road with d) Ryan Vogelsong and Barry Zito starting two of those three games. Do they have it in ’em? Probably not. But as baseball great Lenny Kravitz  — er, Yogi Berra — once said, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

The lineups:

1. CF Angel Pagan
2. 2B Marco Scutaro
3. 3B Pablo Sandoval
4. C Buster Posey
5. RF Hunter Pence
6. 1B Brandon Belt
7. LF Gregor Blanco
8. SS Brandon Crawford
9. SP Ryan Vogelsong

1. 2B Brandon Phillips
2. SS Zack Cozart
3. 1B Joey Votto
4. LF Ryan Ludwick
5. RF Jay Bruce
6. 3B Scott Rolen
7. C Ryan Hanigan
8. CF Drew Stubbs
9. SP Homer Bailey


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