NLCS Game Two – Cardinals v. Giants

You should expect some inactivity on this blog over the next several days because, well, life. I’ll do my best to find time to post here, though.

Anyway, via Alex Pavlovic, here are today’s lineups (same as yesterday):

1. CF Angel Pagan
2. 2B Marco Scutaro
3. 3B Pablo Sandoval
4. C Buster Posey
5. RF Hunter Pence
6. 1B Brandon Belt
7. LF Gregor Blanco
8. SS Brandon Crawford
9. SP Ryan Vogelsong

1. CF Jon Jay
2. RF Carlos Beltran
3. LF Matt Holliday
4. 1B Allen Craig
5. C Yadier Molina
6. 3B David Freese
7. 2B Daniel Descalso
8. SS Pete Kozma
9. SP Chris Carpenter


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