All Hope Rests in Barry Zito’s Arm

After finishing up my second midterm in as many as days — you can see why I’ve been swamped lately — I finally have some time to sit down and write about the Giants. The NLCS has not gone swimmingly, as you’ve surely noticed; it’s gone — ahem — drowningly? I guess you could say that. Aside from Game Two — thank you, Ryan Vogelsong — this series has been dreadful. A brief recap of what we’ve seen:

  • Madison Bumgarner continued his untimely downward trend, barely touching 90 in his latest disappointing start. The last thing the Giants needed was another starter to worry about. The good news — relatively speaking — is that it sounds like Bumgarner’s healthy. It goes without saying, but the primary concern with Bumgarner is the future, and the Giants need to protect that at all costs.
  • Kyle Lohse limited the Giants to one run, despite allowing two baserunners an inning. Another Matt Cain gem was wasted.
  • Tim Lincecum returned to 2012 form, which is to say he was positively Hochevarian. Not that it mattered all that much anyway, as the Giants’ offense didn’t do much to pitch in, either.

The Giants, once again, are facing elimination. Once again, in order to keep their season alive, they must win three games in a row. Hey, it worked before. Maybe the Giants are pressing their luck; but as I said last time, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. For now, all hope rests in Barry Zito‘s arm. And that’s kind of spooky. But as little confidence as I have in Zito, if the Giants can pull this victory off, they get to play the final two games at home.

One game at a time. Win today, Giants.


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